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Program options

Unsure if you can commit to a Masters? A popular option is to start with a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma. You’ll be able to advance your knowledge and skills in less time. And if you decide later to progress towards a Masters, you’ll receive credit towards that award.


1 Subject

Single subject

You may enrol in single subjects and claim CPD points if relevant. Assessment is optional. But if you choose to proceed to an award qualification later, you do need to complete the assessment(s). View subjects by intake date

Please note FEE HELP is not available for single subject enrolments.


2 Subjects

Graduate Certificate in Applied Law

Customise your Graduate Certificate and complete any two subjects across practice areas.


Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration Practice

Graduate Certificate in Legal Business

Graduate Certificate in Legal Operations


4 Subjects

Graduate Diploma of Applied Law

Choose four subjects in your chosen area:

Commercial Litigation  (3 core subjects and 1 elective subject)

Family Law (3 core subjects and 1 elective subject)

Government and Public Sector Law

In-house Practice (2 core subjects and 2 elective subjects)

Wills and Estates (3 core subjects and 1 elective subject)

Or complete any 4 subjects across practice areas to attain the Graduate Diploma of Applied Law

Graduate Diploma of Legal Business

This program consists of the 1 core subject (Business Strategy) and three legal business management elective subjects.

View the Legal Business Management subjects


5 Subjects

Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution Practice (FDRP)

You are required to successfully complete the 5 core FDR subjects.


8 Subjects

Master of Laws (Applied Law)

Without a major (Design your own)
Complete 8 subjects of your choice. You have the flexibility to choose from 75 subjects across 11 practice areas. The Major Project must be from one of your chosen subject practice areas.

Single major
Complete 8 subjects – 4 of which must come from your major subject area. This includes a Capstone Project in that area. Please note a pre-requisite for enrolling in the Capstone project is that you have competed 3 subjects from the major subject area.

Double major
Complete 8 subjects – 4 from each of your major subject areas. This includes a Capstone Project in one of those areas.

View the majors and subjects on offer


8 Subjects

Master of Applied Law (Family law)

You will complete 5 core subjects and 3 elective subjects

View the Family Law subjects

Master of Legal Business

You will complete 8 legal business management subjects

View the Legal Business Management subjects



Entry requirements: 
You must have a law degree to undertake a Graduate Certificate in Applied Law, Graduate Diploma of Applied Law or Master of Laws (Applied Law) at The College of Law.