Professional Development Programs

Professional Development Programs


The opportunity to continually learn and develop new skills is critical to a successful legal career.

Your education doesn’t stop once you have been admitted. Much of your development as a legal professional will occur in the workplace through mentoring, on-the-job training and observation. 

However, you may also wish to undertake structured learning programs over the course of your career. 

A commitment to professional development will be highly regarded by current and future employers. The ability to identify and address knowledge or skills gaps shows that you take your career seriously and that you’re keen to pursue greater responsibility.


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Comprehensive seminar materials with an excellent presenter made this an extremely valuable CPD seminar – highly recommended for practitioners at many levels of experience.

Past attendee

Continuing Professional Development

What is CPD?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development

To ensure your legal skills and knowledge remain current, you are required to undertake a level of CPD every year. Requirements vary from state to state, but generally speaking:

  • You must undertake 10 points of CPD activity each year 
  • Your CPD must cover certain mandatory topics within the 10 points

Please check the requirements for your state at your Law Society website.

How to choose a professional development opportunity


Identify any knowledge or skills gaps relevant to your current role or the role you aspire to. 


Investigate the options to address those gaps. Is it a short program? Is it a certificate? Or is it a degree program?


Consider how you want to learn – face-to-face, online or via webinars?


Ask colleagues and friends what programs, courses and other strategies have been most useful to them.


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Professional Development at The College of Law

The College of Law offers a range of professional development programs that will satisfy your CPD requirements. Choose from:

  • Face-to-face programs
  • Webinars (live and recorded)
  • Interactive online programs

All Law Society members and College of Law alumni are entitled to a 10% discount on a range of programs.

Really enjoyed the range of topics today. All the presenters were well-researched and provided really beneficial information. Loved the informal style which encouraged open discussion.

Past attendee

Continuing Professional Development