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International Students and Lawyers

International Students and Lawyers

Practising Law In Australia

We help students and lawyers from around the world realise their ambition to practise law in Australia or New Zealand.

In order to be admitted as a lawyer in Australia, you need to satisfy three requirements:

  • You’ve completed a law degree or equivalent course
  • You’ve undertaken a Practical Legal Training (PLT) program, which results in the award of the Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice
  • You’re a fit and proper person.

The College of law offers Practical Legal Training for international students and lawyers.


Study Practical Legal Training in Australia

We can help you apply for an 11 month visa to complete the PLT program. 

You will need to undertake the CRICOS approved PLT program, which is the full-time on-campus course at our Sydney CBD campus. (CRICOS course code 069734C)

If you apply for this program, we can provide you with an eCOE which will allow you to obtain a student visa.

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Study Practical Legal Training outside Australia

You can complete any of our online Practical Legal Training (PLT) programs.

Our online courses require 5 days on-campus attendance in Australia. It is up to you to ensure that travel documents allow you to study in Australia for these onsite sessions.

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Not yet practising law

You will need to have your law qualifications assessed by the admitting authority in the state or territory you wish to practise in before completing the Practical Legal Training program.

Practising law

You will need to have your law qualifications assessed by the admitting authority in the state or territory you wish to practise in. 

You may be required to complete all or part of the Practical Legal Training program. 

We offer a PLT part program in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia for students who are required by the admitting authorities to complete some subjects of the PLT program but who have been granted exemption from other subjects. 

 PLT Part Program


Law graduate

For admission in Australia you can undertake our Australian Practical Legal Training program and pay the domestic student fee rather than the international student fee.


If you are already admitted in New Zealand and wish to seek admission in Australia, you can do so under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Scheme.

Please contact the admitting authority in your intended jurisdiction to learn more.


Before enrolling in PLT, you should check with Student Services on what kind of visa can be arranged for study at The College of Law.

An 11 month visa is available to students completing all of the PLT program in Australia.

A 20 week visa is also available to students who only need to undertake Work Experience in Australia. To be eligible for the 20 week visa, you must be already enrolled in Practical Legal Training.

Your VISA will be issued by the Department of Home Affairs so you should also check your eligibility with them. For more information click here

For both visas, if you complete your course requirements substantially earlier that the date advised on your vista, the College is obliged to report that fact to the government who may then shorten the length of your visa.

Studying on a student visa

Overseas student policies


If you  have an overseas law degree from a country where English is not the primary spoken language, you will need to supply a certificate that demonstrates your English proficiency in accordance with the IELTS standard at:

  • Level 8.0 - Writing
  • Level 7.5 - Speaking
  • Level 7.0 - Reading