Government and Public Sector Law

Government and Public Sector Law

About Government and Public Sector Law

Government and public sector lawyers face significant professional challenges and hold many responsibilities in the interest of public service. 

The subjects in the Government and Public Sector Law major will address the ethical issues lawyers encounter in their practice, and how to identify a constitutional issue or red flag so as to best serve the public interest. 

I would highly recommend The College of Law Masters to anybody because not only is it very practical but it’s taught well and it’s immediately applicable to one’s day-to-day practice.

Nathanael Kitingan

Principal Lawyer - Litigation and Dispute Resolution, VIC, Macpherson Kelley, Melbourne Australia

Course details


GOV1 Foundations of Government and Public Sector Law

GOV2 Privacy and Information Management

GOV3 Legislation and its Interpretation

GOV4 Contracting, Procurement and Probity 

GOV00 Capstone Project (Government & Public Sector Law)


Advisory Board 

The Honourable Keith Mason AC QC

Mr Michael Cole, Executive Director/Program Director, The College of Law Western Australia

Ms Lyn Nicholson, General Counsel, Holding Redlich

Mr Gregory Ross, Partner Eakin McCaffery Cox

Mr Phillip Salem, National Managing Partner, Sparke Helmore 


Teaching Staff

Scott Alden Partner, Holding Redlich

Karen Jones Barrister, Level 22 Chambers

Lyn Nicholson General Counsel, Holding Redlich

Gregory Ross, Partner Eakin McCaffery Cox