Family Dispute Resolution Practice (FDRP)

Family Dispute Resolution Practice (FDRP)

What is a Family dispute resolution practitioner (FDRP)?

An FDRP is an independent person who helps people affected by separation or divorce to resolve their disputes.

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners come from a variety of backgrounds. You do not need to practise family law or even be a lawyer to enrol. While family law is covered, the focus is on the practical realities of resolving conflicts which involve families, relationship breakdowns and family violence. It is likely that each class will consist of lawyers, social workers, psychologists and people from other backgrounds, providing an opportunity to learn from diverse experiences.


Study Options

Students can enrol in the Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution Practice or Master of Laws (Applied Law) majoring in Family Dispute Resolution Practice. 

In order to become an accredited FDRP, you will need to satisfy six core units of competency prescribed by the Commonwealth Attorney-General.

You will need to successfully complete the coursework component of the course (four core subjects) and the practicum component of the course to satisfy the prescribed competencies.


To graduate with the Master of Laws (Applied Law) majoring in Family Dispute Resolution Practice, students are required to successfully complete the four core FDR subjects (which includes a Capstone), practicum component, plus four other elective subjects or a second major.

Even though students are not able to start their practicum until they successfully complete their coursework, students are strongly encouraged to start looking for practicum as soon as they enrol in the course. Whilst students are required to find their own practicum you can find details of accredited family dispute resolution practitioners at Family Dispute Resolution Providers Register and Family Relationships Online which may assist your search.


How to enrol

If you are a new student 

To enrol, you must meet the entry requirements for the course:

  • An undergraduate degree or higher qualification in Psychology, Social Work, Law, Conflict Management, Dispute Resolution, Family Law Mediation or equivalent; or
  • Accreditation under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS); or
  • Mediation skill set from the Community Services Training Package (CHC).


Applicants who do not hold an appropriate qualification, may be eligible for admission to the Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution Practice (FDRP) on the basis of previous experience in a dispute resolution environment. Please refer to our Program Manual available on the College website for additional application requirements.




More information

"I first became an FDRP to complement my family law practice. I found it so rewarding that I transitioned out of legal practice to grow my own mediation practice. Being the impartial third party facilitating discussion, rather than acting for one side or another, is a very satisfying job."

Danielle Jaku-Greenfield

Lecturer, The College of Law and Co-founder, Sydney Mediation Partnership