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Subject Offerings by Intake

Subject Offerings by Intake

Start Date End Date Census Date
15 Feb 2021 7 May 2021 3 Mar 2021


Specialisation Subject
Business Law and Transactions BLP1 Foundations of Business Law Practice 
BLP2 - Competition and Consumer Law            
BLP5 Business Risk Management 
Commercial Litigation  CLP1 Foundations of Commercial Litigation 
CLP11 Building & Construction Disputes 
CLP15 Corporations Litigation 
Dispute Resolution  DRP1 Foundations of Dispute Resolution 
Estate Planning  EPP1 Foundations of Estate Planning 
EPP3 Business Succession Planning (Online)  
Family Law  FLP1 Foundations of Family Law Practice 
FLP12 Advanced Issues in Property, Maintenance & Child Support 
FLP15 Advocacy in Family Law 
Government and Public Sector Law  GOV1 Foundations of Government and Public Sector Law 
In-house Practice  IHP101 Foundations of In-house Practice 
IHP111 Acting as a Company Secretary 
Legal Practice and Innovation  LPI3 - Client Strategy and Implementation 
Property Law  PROP1 - Foundations of Property Law 
PROP4 - Strata and Other Shared Title 
PROP4 - Body Corporate and Community Title Law 
Wills & Estates  WEP1 Foundations of Wills & Estates Practice 
WEP3 Construing and Drafting Wills 
WEP5 Contested Probate and other Court Applications 
ASEAN+6 Cross-border Legal Practice  ILP3 Drafting and Negotiating Cross-border contracts 
ILP4 Mergers and Acquisitions Practice
ILP7 Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Practice
ILP5 Banking and Finance Practice 
ILP9 Trade and Investment in Asia