Subject Offerings by Intake

Subject Offerings by Intake

Start Date

End Date

Census Date

18 November 2019

14 February 2020

06 December 2019




Business Law and Transactions

BLP2 Competition and Consumer Law


BLP4 Employment Law


BLP7 Business Structures and Taxation


BLP00 Capstone Project (Business Law)


COM00 Capstone Project (Commercial Transactions)

Commercial Litigation

CLP2 Pre-trial Procedures


CLP3 Dispute Resolution Processes

CLP12 Insurance Disputes


CLP00 Capstone Project (Commercial Litigation)

Dispute Resolution

DRP2 Negotiation

DRP00 Capstone Project (Dispute Resolution)

Estate Planning

EPP00 Capstone Project (Estate Planning)

Family Law

FLP2 Property, Maintenance & Child Support

FLP3 Conducting Family Law Matters

FLP11 Advanced Parenting Issues

FLP00 Capstone Project (Family Law)

Government and Public Sector Law

GOV2 Privacy and Information Management


GOV4 Contracting, Procurement and Probity

GOV00 Capstone Project (Government and Public Sector Law)

In-house Practice

IHP112 Managing the Legal Team

IHP00 Capstone Project (In-house Practice)

Legal Practice Innovation

LPI2 Development, Innovations and Management of a Law Practice


Property Law

PROP2 Buying and Selling Real Property

PROP3 Commercial Leasing, Contracts and Transactions

PROP00 Capstone Project (Property Law)

Wills & Estates

WEP2 Law and Practice of Estates


WEP3 Construing and Drafting Wills


WEP4 Family Provision

WEP00 Capstone Project (Wills & Estates)

Postgraduate Specialisation Programs

MP15 Major Project