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Policy Index

The following is an Index to the College’s Policies. The Index is arranged in a manner similar to a thesaurus to assist searching; ie, the main headings suggest the subject area under which you might expect to find particular policies and the minor headings in blue are links to the policies themselves. Where a policy is listed in grey, that means the policy is for internal purposes only and there is no link.

The College of Law Policy Index

Academic Board

Terms of Reference (Corporate Governance Charter)

Access to Materials

Program Content

Academic Committees

See Assessment Review Committee
See Academic Board
See Appeals Committee
See Course Advisory Committee
See External Appeals Panel
See Group Course Committee
See Work Experience Committee

Academic Conduct

Academic Conduct Guidelines PLT

Advanced Standing

Academic Credit Policy ALP

Academic Governance

See Governance

Access to Premises

Animals Policy
Children Policy
College Premises Policy
Student Access Policy

See also Building Management

Accidents & Injuries

See also WH&S Policy


See Governance (Academic)


Eligibility to enrol in College Award Program

Selection Procedures

Legal Practitioner

Admission Policy PLT Program Requirements

Advanced Standing

See Academic Credit

Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Illicit Drug Taking Policy


See Access to Premises



See Assessment Rules
Complaints and Disputes Policy


See Student Non-Compliance Rules
Applied Law Programs Course Details


See Records & Building Management


Assessment Policy ALP
Assessment Policy PLT
Assessment Rules
Results, Notification of Policy ALP
Results, Notification of Policy PLT
Moderation Policy
Supplementary Assessment PLT

Assessment Procedure

Absence During Assessment Policy ALP
Absence During Assessment Policy PLT
Disability & Disadvantage ALP
Disability & Disadvantage PLT
Illness or Misadventure During Assessment ALP
Illness or Misadventure During Assessment PLT

Assessment Review Committee

Terms of Reference

Appeals Committee

Terms of Reference

Attendance & Participation

Attendance and Participation Requirements Policy ALP
Attendance and Participation Requirements Policy PLT
Minimum Rate of Progress Policy PLT
English Proficiency ALP
English Proficiency PLT

Audit Risk & Compliance Committee

Terms of Reference (Charter)


See Governance (Academic)

Board Committees

See Academic Board
See Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee
See College of Law Queensland Advisory Board
See College of Law Victoria Advisory Board
See College of Law Western Australia Advisory Board
See Fellowship Advisory Committee
See Nominations Advisory Committee
See Remuneration Committee

Building Management

Car Parking Policy
After Hours Access Policy
Archive Storage Policy
Personal Possessions Policy
Smoke Free Environment Policy

Car Park

See Building Management


See Access to Premises

College of Law Queensland Advisory Board

Terms of Reference (Charter)

College of Law Western Australia Advisory Board

Terms of Reference (Charter)

College of Law Victoria Advisory Board

Terms of Reference (Charter)

Complaints & Disputes

Complaints & Disputes Policy

Completion of Program

Completion Policy PLT

 See also Assessment Review Committee


Compliance Policy

Conduct (Academic)

Academic Misconduct Policy
Unsatisfactory Academic Conduct Policy

Conduct (General)

Anti-bullying (See Human Resources)
Code of Conduct

Conflict of Interest
Ethical Behaviour

Internet and Email Use (See Human Resources)



See Governance (Corporate)


Intellectual Property Policy

Corporate Governance

See Governance


Student Counselling

Course Approval

See Governance (Academic)

Course Review

See Governance (Academic)

Course Requirements

Applied Law Program
Practical Legal Training Program
Course Structures - Appendix 6  

Curriculum Advisory Committees

Terms of Reference


Definitions ALP

Definitions PLT


Disability Considerations Assessment ALP
Disability Consideration Assessment PLT
Disability Policy


Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination Policy

See also Human Resources

Dress Code

See Human Resources


See Selection Criteria


Fire Drills & Regulations


See Human Resources

English Proficiency

English Proficiency ALP
English Proficiency PLT


Enrolment & Re-enrolment Policy ALP
Enrolment & Re-enrolment Policy PLT


Evaluation Policy Student
Student Evaluation Policy


See Assessment
See Assessment Procedure


Consequences of Failure Policy ALP
Consequences of Failure Policy PLT


See Academic Credit


Extensions Policy ALP
Extensions Policy PLT

External Appeals Panel

Terms of Reference

External Relations

External Relations Policy


Tuition Fees & Refunds Policy ALP
Tuition Fees & Refunds Policy PLT


Fee-Help Students Policy ALP
Fee-Help Students Policy PLT
Fee-Help Students Appeals Appendix 4

Fellowship Advisory Committee

Fellowship Advisory Committee Charter
Fellowship Rules


Abandoned Course Policy
Accounts Payable Policy
Accounts Receivable Policy
Asset Management Policy
Charge Card Policy
Chart of Accounts Policy
Financial Delegations Policy
Financial Records Policy
Intangible Asset Capitalisation Policy
Investment Policy
Non-Audit Services Policy
Prepayments Policy
Purchasing Policy
Receivables Collection Policy
Receivable Provision Policy

Financial Assistance

See Fee-Help

First Aid

Safety, Security & Welfare Policy

See Work, Health & Safety

Flexible Work

See Human Resources

Gifts & Bequests

See External Relations



Academic Committees and Meetings Policy
Applying for Research Approval Policy
Assessment Rules, Program Manual, Appendix 2
Benchmarking Policy
Creation and Assessment of Learning Outcomes Policy
Community Engagement, Principles in
Course Approval Panel Policy
Course Review Panel Policy
Moderation Policy
Program Manual Policy
Registration & Accreditation Policy
Research & Scholarship, Principles in
Teaching & Learning, Principles in


Constitution, The College of Law Limited
Contracts Management Policy
Corporate Governance Charter


See Completion of Program

Group Course Committee

Terms of Reference


Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination Policy

See Human Resources

Human Resources

Anti-bullying Policy
Anti-discrimination & Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
Code of Conduct
Dress Code Policy
Employment Categories Policy
Employment of Family/Relatives Policy
Flexible Working Policy
Human Resources Records Policy
Interaction of Leave Policy
Internet, Email & Computer Use Policy
Leave Policy
Recruitment & Selection Policy
Postgraduate Studies Policy
Salary Packaging Policy
Termination of Employment Policy

Infectious Diseases

HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis Policy

Information Technology

See Human Resources

Intellectual Property Policy

Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Policy


See Human Resources


Academic Equivalence Policy

Legal Profession

Engagement with the Profession & Community, Principles in


Library Resources & Services Policy


Media Relations Policy

See Corporate Governance – Corporate Governance Charter – Governor’s Code of Conduct
See Human Resources – Code of Conduct

Mental Health

Mental Health Safety Policy



Academic Misconduct
Unsatisfactory Academic Conduct


Non-compliance with Policies & Procedures Appendix 1


See Governance (Academic)

Nominations Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference (Charter)

Personal Property

See Building Management

Personal Property of Students Policy


See Misconduct – Academic


Interpretation of Rules Policy


Personal Information Collection Notice - Enrolment
Personal Information Collection Notice - Content Access
Personal Information Collection Notice - Job Applicant
Personal Information Collection Notice - Job Board Posting
Personal Information Collection Notice - Program Enquiry
Personal Information Collection Notice - Subscriptions
Privacy Cookies and Electronic Marketing Policy

Privacy Policy
Privacy of Student Records Policy


Course Requirements – Maximum Duration ALP
Minimum Rate of Progress PLT

Recognition of Prior Learning

See Academic Credit


Records Management Policy
Student Records Retention Policy

See also Human Resources & Privacy

Refund Policy

Tuition Fees & Refunds Policy ALP
Tuition Fees & Refunds Policy PLT

Regulatory Compliance

Registration & Accreditation Policy
See Compliance

Remuneration Committee

Terms of Reference (Charter)

Research & Scholarship

See Governance (Academic)

Research & Scholarship Committee

Terms of Reference

Review of Grades

See Appeals – Academic
See Complaints & Disputes

Risk Management

See Compliance


Legal Profession Support Package (Terms and Conditions)

Selection Criteria

Selection Procedures / Appendix 3


See Building Management

Special Consideration (Exams & Assessments)

See Assessment Procedure

Staff Development

See Human Resources – Postgraduate Studies Policy

Student Profile Picture

Student Profile Picture Policy

Student Visas

Student Visa Policy

Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning, Principles in


Timetable & Attendance ALP 
Timetable & Attendance PLT


Internal Transfer Between Courses ALP
Transfer Between Subjects or Semesters ALP
Transfer Between Offerings or Streams Within the PLT Program PLT 

Tuition Assurance

Tuition Assurance Statement

Unsatisfactory Performance

See Progression


Withdrawal ALP
Withdrawal PLT

Work Experience

Practicum Rules (FDRP) ALP
Work Experience Rules PLT

Work Experience Committee

Terms of Reference

Work Health & Safety

WH&S Policy
Work Health & Safety Policy

See also Counselling