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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance


Corporate governance is core to ensuring the creation, protection and enhancement of stakeholder value.

The Board apply where applicable to the College the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations with 2014 Amendments, 3rd Edition (ASX Principles).

In accordance with the ASX Principles, the College discloses the primary corporate governance documents below and information which demonstrate the College's commitment to corporate governance.


Corporate Governance Charter




The College's Board of Governors

Board Corporate Committees and Charter


College Committee Structure


Academic Governance


Corporate Governance Charter

The Corporate Governance Charter was last revised in May 2019 and details the College’s commitment to corporate governance.  It should be read as a broad expression of principles.  The Board will review its Charter on an annual basis.


Corporate Governance Charter (PDF)


The Constitution is the College’s key governance document. The Board must ensure that it and the College complies at all times with the provisions of the Constitution.

Constitution (PDF)


The Board and management maintains the highest level of corporate ethics.

The Board comprises a majority of independent Non-Executive Governors, together with two Executive Governors, who have an appropriate level of skill, knowledge, experience and independence. 

Mr Joseph Catanzariti AM

Chair, Vice President, Fair Work Commission

Mr Neville Carter AM

Chief Executive Officer and Principal, The College of Law

Ms Alison Belot Non-Executive Director and Treasurer of Banyule Support & Information Centre

Ms Judith Choate (Oppenheimer)

Director, KPMG Law

Mr Dunstan de Souza

Senior Partner, Colin Biggers & Paisley

Mr Glenn Ferguson AM

Managing Director, FC Lawyers

Ms Alison Gaines

Chief Executive Officer, Gerard Daniels

Mr Lewis Patrick Chief Academic Officer, The College of Law and Chair of the Academic Board 

Mr John Randall

Business Consultant


Board of Governors Profiles


Committees are established in accordance with the College’s Constitution.  Committees have specific oversight responsibilities and are responsible for considering detailed issues and making recommendations to the Board for approval. The Board has approved charters for each Committee.





Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee


Mr John Randall (Chair)

Mr Glenn Ferguson AM

Ms Judith Choate


Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee Charter (PDF)

Remuneration Committee


Ms Alison Gaines (Chair)

Mr Joseph Catanzariti AM

Mr Dunstan de Souza


Remuneration Committee Charter (PDF)

Nominations Advisory Committee

Mr Joseph Catanzariti AM (Chair)

Mr Neville Carter AM

Ms Alison Gaines

Ms Cassandra Banks (Foundation Ordinary Member)

Ms Emma German (College Ordinary (Alumni) Member)

Mr Laurie Shervington (Community Ordinary Member) 

Nominee of Law Society of NSW Council (Preferred Foundation Ordinary Member) 

Nominations Advisory Committee Charter (PDF)

College of Law Queensland Chapter Board


Mr Glenn Ferguson AM (Chair)

Mr Neville Carter AM (CEO & Principal)

Ms Ann-Maree David (College of Law Queensland Executive Director)

Mr Peter Ellender (External Member)

Ms Margaret Jolly (External Member)

Ms Diane Ruhl (External Member)  

College of Law Queensland Chapter Board Charter (PDF)

College of Law Victoria Chapter Board


Mr William O’Shea (Chair) 

Mr Neville Carter AM (CEO & Principal)

Ms Fiona Turner (College of Law Victoria Executive Director)

Ms Meghan Warren (External Member)

Ms Jane Ward (External Member)

Ms Val Pitt (External Member)

Ms Jodie Baker (External Member)

College of Law Victoria Chapter Board Charter (PDF)

College of Law Western Australia Chapter Board


Ms Alison Gaines (Chair)

Mr Neville Carter AM (CEO & Principal)

Ms Catherine Stokes (College of Law Western Australia Executive Director)

Ms Rebecca O'Brien (External Member)

Mr John Poulsen (External Member)

Dr Pat Saraceni (External Member)

Mr Laurie Shervington (External Member)

College of Law Western Australia Chapter Board Charter (PDF)

College of Law South Australia Chapter Board


Ms Judith Choate (Oppenheimer)

Mr Neville Carter AM (CEO & Principal)

Mr Graham Jobling (College of Law South Australia Executive Director)

Ms Christina Flourentzou (External Member)

Mr Tom Simpson (External Member)

Selina Nikoloudakis (External Member)

College of Law Southern Australia Chapter Board Charter (PDF)


Corporate and Academic Committee Structure (PDF)

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