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Legal Practice Management Course (LPMC)

The College of Law LPMC has been designed for legal practitioners who want to practise as a: sole practitioner, partner of a law firm, supervisor of a community legal service or director of an incorporated legal practice.

The course meets the requirements of state regulatory bodies in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia for the purpose of attaining a principal practicing certificate.

Learn the business of running a law firm or legal practice.

Legal Business Management Qualifications

To meet the demands of today’s legal profession, lawyers and other business professionals need a new set of skills – and the most cutting-edge knowledge. 

Gain practical, immediately applicable skills through our curated range of Legal Business Management courses.

A popular choice is to start with single subject or choose one of the qualifications on offer including:

  • Graduate Certificate in Legal Business Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Legal Operations
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Business Management
  • Master of Legal Business Management