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Legal Business Management

Legal Business Management

 About Legal Business Management

Real-world skills you’ll actually use, making you a more holistic and impactful leader.

Our Legal Business Management elective subjects enable you to obtain a greater depth of practical skills, guided by industry experts.

Your learning will involve applied practical, real-world learning experiences and activities. To ensure that you apply learning directly to your legal workplace.


 Program options

  • Graduate Certificate in Legal Operations

    2 core subjects: Business strategy and Legal Operations
  • Graduate Certificate in Legal Business

    1 core subject Business strategy PLUS 1 elective subject
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Business

    1 core subject Business strategy PLUS 3 elective subjects
  • Master of Legal Business

    All 8 MLB subjects
  • Add as an LLM elective subject (for some awards)

    To choose one of these subjects as an elective for your LLM, please contact our Practitioner Education Team to complete your enrolment.
    P : 02 9965 7111 or E : postgrad@collaw.edu.au
  • Short Courses

 Subject details



The legal profession has changed. How does your business strategy stack up? It's time to ask some hard questions.

Should strategy always be centred on growth? Are there other barometers for success? Could collaboration – rather than competition – be a more effective strategy for your firm?

Now's the time to look through a critical lens at the age-old approach to legal business strategy. Download the subject brochure. 

Offered as an intensive and is a core subject for award qualifications.



Significant changes in legal delivery are occurring around the globe. Traditional ways of doing business have given way to innovation at lightning speed.

Here you’ll learn how to identify and implement innovative solutions, to address legal services delivery challenges. Learn more about the subject



Understand the client buying process, from the client's perspective.

In this subject you’ll uncover insights into the client buying experience, explore how to optimise your market reach, and learn how to grow your client base. Learn more about this subject.



The role of technology in delivering legal services is a hot topic. Fundamental technologies shaping legal services is taught 100% online. It is designed to provide a robust understanding of the technologies relevant to applications in the business and practice of law. Learn more about this subject



This is the ‘how to’ of building client relationships. A hands-on approach to assessing your client base, developing a pipeline of prospects, pricing to existing and prospective clients and ongoing relationship building. Learn more about this subject.



Understand how to take advantage of new paradigm in which legal services are run like a business using data, metrics and technology. You will learn the key aspects of legal operations management to improve legal service delivery in your legal firm or department. Learn more about this subject.

This is a core subject for the Graduate Certificate in Legal Operations



The Capstone Project is taken as your final subject, as a culmination of the knowledge and skills attained throughout your Master of Legal Business. It will allow you to demonstrate your skills in legal business using real-life scenarios and case studies.


lb14 - Leadership

Drawing on cutting-edge leadership theory and organisational psychology principles, this course will give you the self-awareness and critical thinking you need to become a transformational leader in legal business.

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