Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation


When business disputes extend beyond negotiations, it falls to the commercial litigation lawyers to settle the issue. 

Commercial litigation is one of the most complex and challenging areas of the law due to the many different specialty areas. Subjects in this stream will hone your skills under the guidance of senior practitioners and equip you to act in commercial disputes.

I would highly recommend The College of Law Masters to anybody because not only is it very practical but it’s taught well and it’s immediately applicable to one’s day-to-day practice.

Nathanael Kitingan

Principal Lawyer - Litigation and Dispute Resolution, VIC, Macpherson Kelley, Melbourne Australia



CLP1 Foundations of Commercial Litigation

CLP2 Pre-trial Procedures

CLP3 Dispute Resolution Processes

CLP4 Managing Complex Litigation

CLP11 Building and Construction Disputes

CLP12 Insurance Disputes

CLP13 Intellectual Property Litigation

CLP14 Insolvency Litigation

CLP15 Corporations Litigation

CLP16 Competition Litigation

CLP00 Capstone Project (Commercial Litigation)

Advisory Board

David Courtenay Principal, Courtenay & Co

Philip Bambagiotti  Barrister

Lachlan Menzies Barrister, 8th Floor Wentworth Chambers

Renee Stevens Lawyer, SRM Lawyers


Teaching Staff

Darrell Kake Associate Director, CharterLaw and Accredited Specialist - Commercial Litigation (NSW & QLD)

Lachlan Menzies Barrister, 8th Floor Wentworth Chambers

Danny Moujalli Barrister, Ground Floor Wentworth Chambers

Kendall Odgers Solicitor, New South Lawyers

Ted Popper Adjunct Lecturer, The College of Law

Nicholas Smith Barrister, Blackstone Chambers

Philip Wallis Barrister, Wardell Chambers