04 July 2018

Krish Nath wins Best Graduating Student in Commercial Litigation

Published on 04 July 2018
For the most part of his Masters, Krish Nath was much too busy juggling study, work and raising a young toddler to take close notice of his results. Krish, a Senior Associate with Diamond Conway Lawyers, simply focused on making the most of each subject. When he found out he was to become its best graduating student, it came as somewhat of a surprise. Insights spoke to Krish about what attracted him undertake The College of Law’s Masters in Commercial Litigation (Applied Law), what he enjoyed about the program, and how he expects it to contribute to his career.

“It is great to be recognised and definitely a bonus!” said Krish. “My wife and I have a 1.5-year old daughter, so my hands were full during the course. My initial focus was to simply do my best for every subject. I was unaware of my ranking until a few weeks before the graduation ceremony.”

Like so many lawyers, he had been on the lookout for a practical postgraduate program to help him refine his technical skills and advance his career. Other postgraduate programs Krish encountered often had quite an academic focus. By contrast, The College of Law provided a Masters that was specifically intended for legal practitioners.

“I was in search of a Masters program to sharpen my skills as a lawyer and for that, I needed a course that was practical,” said Krish. “Also, at this stage in my career, flexibility was important to me. I needed a course that was delivered online. The College of Law’s Masters of Commercial Litigation met both requirements.”
Krish has spent his career as a commercial litigator. It is an area well known for its unpredictability and myriad of chess game challenges. 

“I enjoy the challenge of commercial litigation,” Krish said. “By that I mean, you have to be driven, proactive and have the foresight of possible outcomes to help clients manage risk and navigate their way through the process.”

Krish found the practical emphasis of The College of Law’s course to be particularly useful. Being taught by experienced commercial litigators ensured content remained highly relevant and allowed for Krish to get up to speed with the latest updates in commercial litigation. 

“The course was a good refresher on the various aspects of commercial litigation,” said Krish. “I have already applied the practical skills learnt through the course in my practice and no doubt will continue to do so in the future.”