Clinical Experience Module

Clinical Experience Module

What is the Clinical Experience Module?

The Clinical Experience Module (CEM) has five activities – four written reflections about your work experience and an Advanced Skills Session. It takes place over a five week period. Combined with 25 days of Work Experience, it satisfies the Work Experience requirements of the Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (Practical Legal Training Program).



Prerequisites for enrolling in the CEM

To enrol in the CEM, you need to have already completed the prerequisite work experience, before starting the CEM coursework, and have lodged the Application and Declaration forms for that work experience. You should liaise with the College’s Student Services to confirm your work experience status and eligibility, and any questions about the prerequisite work experience. For State specific details, please read the work experience rules.



When can you do the CEM

The CEM can be done:

  • Full-time students: At the end of your 15 week full-time PLT Coursework Component (which adds an additional five weeks of coursework)
  • Part-time students: From week 16 of your part-time PLT Coursework Component, so that both are completed within the 30 week timetable; or
  • All students: As a “free standing” five week component after completion of the PLT Coursework Component.

 CEM Course Dates


Additional Fee

Students selecting the CEM pay an additional fee.

FEE-HELP is available.


 Payment Options


Ready to enrol?

  1. Select the CEM course you intend enrolling in.
  2. Download and complete the Clinical Experience Module (CEM) Enrolment Form
  3. If you have indicated you are paying by FEE-HELP, we will send you a hard copy FEE-HELP form once we have received  your application
  4. Complete, sign and return the form, along with any accompanying documentation to:

    Student Services
    The College of Law
    PO Box 2
    St Leonards NSW 1590 Australia


    DX 3316 St Leonards



What is in the CEM



1. Advanced Skills 

Advanced practice skills in interviewing and negotiation are taught in the context of elective subjects Consumer Law Practice or Employment Law and Industrial Relations Practice. The subject must be different to the elective you completed in the Coursework Component. You are required to submit detailed interview and negotiation plans* and participate in and complete a file note of a client interview and take part in a related negotiation activity leading to agreed terms of settlement 

2. Ethics in Action 

A reflective analysis* of a judgment in a legal disciplinary matter 

3. The Lawyer/Client Relationship 

A reflective analysis* of the way client expectations were identified and managed during the work experience placement. 

4. Delivery of Legal Services 

Based on observation during your placement, a reflective analysis* of how clients’ legal problems were resolved, examining the roles of the parties involved and the processes employed. 

5. Legal Practice Management

A critical analysis* of two aspects of practice management observed during the work experience placement.


 *1500 to 2000 words assessment – the activities are assessed on a satisfactory/not satisfactory basis and are not graded.