Study Modes

Chose from four study modes 

You will have the choice of undertaking the coursework in the following modes:





(per week)

Offered In 


15 weeks

5 days at beginning of program

 30 - 35 hours All states 


30 weeks 5 days at beginning of program  15 - 20 hours All states
Part-time Evening

30 weeks 

12 - 15 evening classes over 30 weeks  15 - 20 hours NSW, QLD and WA


15 weeks

5 days at beginning of program followed by 3 days a week, 9am - 3pm  30 - 35 hours 

If you are an international student on a student visa, you need to undertake the on-campus full-time option (CRICOS course code 069734C).


As part of the Coursework component, you need to complete:

  • 5 compulsory subjects
  • 2 elective subjects

These may look similar to subjects you have undertaken in your law degree, but their content is quite different as they focus on the practice of law as opposed to substantive law.


Compulsory subjects

Electives (choose two)

  1. Civil Litigation Practice
  2. Commercial and Corporate Practice
  3. Property Law Practice
  4. Lawyer’s Skills
  5. Ethics and Professional Responsibility


  1. Administrative Law Practice
  2. Criminal Law Practice
  3. Family Law Practice
  4. Consumer Law Practice
  5. Employment and Industrial Law Practice
  6. Planning and Environmental Law Practice
  7. Wills and Estates Practice
  8. Banking and Finance Practice

Because I was working full-time the online course was obviously very appealing to me. It allowed me to do most of my study in my off hours which was really good.

Robert Pasqualin

Graduate Solicitor and Associate, Andriano & Associates, Sydney Australia

learning format

Practical, task-based learning

Our Practical Legal Training program is widely known for its highly practical and relevant task-based curriculum.

You will learn key areas of competence through everyday scenarios that parallel real-life practice. With no academic essay writing, you will solve everyday legal problems and complete hands-on tasks. 

onsite sessions

An invaluable way to kick-start your learning 

If you choose to study online, you will be required to attend five on-site sessions.

This week of face-to-face learning is a fun and engaging way to begin the program and develop the professional skills you’ll need as a lawyer. You’ll participate in workshops and group activities to kick-start your practical, self-paced learning. 


Regular one-on-one contact with your lecturer 

All programs are structured so that you have regular contact and individual feedback from lecturers, who have extensive experience in legal practice and teaching. 

Our lecturers are always available to offer advice and feedback via email or phone – or via our online learning portal.