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Continuing Professional Education

Continuing Professional Education


CPE introduces you to the continuing professional development that you will need to undertake each year as a lawyer to maintain your practising certificate. 

The future of law is changing. As a new lawyer, you’ll need more than technical knowledge to set yourself apart.

The Continuing Professional Education component will introduce you to the new skills law firms and recruiters are looking for in a modern lawyer.

You will complete 10 online interactive modules that will teach you business and technological skills so you can add value to the workplace and prepare you for the future of legal practice. 


  1. Legal tech and innovation: the past year in review
  2. Applying technology to practice
  3. Getting started with legal tech projects
  4. Legal tech basics: Office 365
  5. Cyber risk and security in legal practice
  6. Foundational technologies: AI, Data and the Cloud
  7. Communicating effectively
  8. Developing a commercial mindset
  9. Understanding financial information
  10. Networking and personal brand

You will graduate from the Practical Legal Training program with an additional Certificate of Legal Tech and Business Skills at no extra time or cost.