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On The Run Learning

On The Run Learning

Rey Saadati and Sarah Wood - On The Run

On the Run Learning was founded by lawyers, Rey Saadati and Sarah Wood, who have experienced the highs and lows of working within the legal profession, particularly when it comes to finding the right balance between relieving stresses associated with the job and finding the time to learn new skills that have a practical application at work. Their mission is to create content that inspires lawyers to learn and live better.

This understanding inspired them to create On the Run Learning – a virtual suite of learning content tailored specifically for legal professionals. It focuses on professional development and personal growth strategies to drive high performance and improve mental health and overall wellbeing.

On the Run is based on the idea that there is a strong connection between professional development and overall wellbeing. While deep breathing or taking breaks can help you get through the day, they do not solve the underlying problem. On the Run Learning aims to provide tools and strategies to help lawyers effectively deal with the underlying issues that cause stress, such as learning to delegate effectively to reduce daily workload.

The virtual suite has two key focuses – content that tackles the everyday challenges faced by legal professionals to support every lawyer's life in law and content suited to in-house counsel, both in terms of legal knowledge and implementation strategies to support day-to-day activities.

In 2023, On the Run Learning is partnering with the College of Law to help more and more lawyers to thrive in practice and life. Click here to find out more about the College’s CPD Digital Subscription featuring over 9 hours of content from On the Run Learning.

For more information about Rey and Sarah, please follow the links below:

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