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06 June 2024

EOFY is almost here: Take charge of your CPD – and your professional development

Published on 06 June 2024

What makes a successful lawyer? Legal acumen, yes. Robust networks, sure. Sharp interpersonal skills, absolutely.

Your CPD requirements – while mandatory – present an excellent opportunity to hone all three. And with the College’s exclusive EOFY offer, the timing’s perfect to invest in your professional development.

Staying ahead of the pack

As the end of financial year approaches, now is the time to pause, reflect and position yourself for success through the second half of the year.

So, ask yourself the hard questions. What areas of your technical knowledge need strengthening? Could your client communication use some fine-tuning? Are you enjoying a healthy work-life balance?

If you can identify growth areas, it’s a good idea to use your mandatory CPD to dive in and upskill. And depending on your time, budget and need, the College of Law can help you get ahead with our industry-leading CPD offerings – including:

All you need to do is choose your gateway.

Take charge of your technical and core skills

It takes both practical and interpersonal expertise to excel in the legal profession. Which is why the College offers 120+ hours of curated legal content in both domains.

Want to improve your commercial documents, for example? Try our Drafting commercial documents: skills series. Or does a more sustainable work-life balance sound appealing? Then the Manage your time, manage yourself: skills series has you covered. What about getting your finances in order? Try our Trust accounting essentials: practice guide. Or are you interested improving your firm this next FY, how about our Business development strategies: skills series. How about improving your managerial and leadership skills? Why not look into our Introduction to leadership: skills series.

Whatever your needs, you can access a short-form course to suit you. Or you can access multiple with a Digital Subscription.

That’s the beauty of it – with the College, you’re in full control of your CPD journey.

Your EOFY special offer

This EOFY, the College of Law is delighted to grant exclusive discounts across all CPD packages to eligible legal professionals.

This allows you to cherry-pick the courses you need – ensuring maximum return on investment for your mid-year reset.

Discover the best courses in business, practical and core skill development – and so much more – for these seriously good prices.

Digital Subscription

Bundle courses

Single courses



$599 each

10% off

$249 each

10% off


Use code: EOFY100


Use code: EOFY10


Use code: EOFY10


Ready to take charge of your CPD this year? Subscribe before 30 June 2024 to access our exclusive EOFY offer.