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In and out of Australia and postgraduate study: How Anne Salt forged her own career path
26 August 2022

In and out of Australia and postgraduate study: How Anne Salt forged her own career path

Published on 26 August 2022

Congratulations on being recognised as a best graduating student. What was your favourite part of postgraduate study? 

Thank you. It was a lovely surprise and very unexpected. I was very fortunate to complete the core subjects on campus pre-COVID which meant having the opportunity to get to know the lecturers, other students and undertake workshops in person, which was my favourite part.  

Do you have a lecturer you want to shout out? 

Linda Kochanski and Jodie Grant, who are both very passionate about Family Dispute Resolution Practice and were generous with their time and advice.  As a student, I absolutely benefited from their guidance, advice and encouragement.  

Was there a particular subject you found helpful to your current practice? 

The knowledge and skills were cumulative so that each subject built on the previous subject. The practicum in the final subject ensured that the knowledge and skills built up as part of the course were sufficient to meet the requirements to be accredited as an FDRP with the Attorney-General’s Department.  

How have your studies helped with what you do at work? Has it helped progress your career? 

While I am not currently working as an FDRP, the skills acquired during the course certainly have not gone astray. The Graduate Diploma improved my listening skills, ability to identify issues, facilitate discussions and negotiations, all of which are important skills and can be applied to any role.  

What was your first job in law? What led you to your current role? 

My first job in law was as an Articled Clerk at Gadens Ridgeway in 1994 in the family law division.  My path to my current role has taken a long and winding road and included having two children, moving from Melbourne to Sydney and then living offshore for 16 years - firstly in Hong Kong and then Saudi Arabia - and involved a variety of legal, financial and development roles along the way.   

Where do you work now, and what is the most rewarding aspect of your role? 

I returned to live in Australia in 2021 and was fortunate to secure a one-year contract with Australia Post while I was in hotel quarantine. Only this week I started a new role with the Victorian State Government as legal lead for a major project, so it is a little early to talk about rewarding aspects of this role, but I am sure there will be many.   

Barry.Nilsson. is proud to sponsor the prize for the Best Graduating Student in Family Dispute Resolution Practice. At Barry.Nilsson. we have a strong commitment to dispute resolution, whether that be through negotiation or mediation, and we are pleased to support the continuing education of the profession, which ultimately benefits those involved in the legal system. We congratulate Anne on her achievement and wish her every success. 

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