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5 reasons 2020 is the best year to do your LPMC
21 August 2020

5 reasons NOW is the best time to do your LPMC

Published on 21 August 2020

There’s no doubt about it. Since COVID-19 began, it threw a lot of our plans out the window. But if there’s one silver lining for lawyers, it’s the increased opportunities to build your skills through online courses such as The College of Law’s Legal Practice Management Course (LPMC).

The LPMC is specifically designed for lawyers who want to become a sole practitioner, partner, community legal service supervisor or director of an incorporated legal practice. However, it’s also beneficial to inhouse lawyers with senior responsibilities and those simply looking to update their practice managements skills.

In this article, we chat to four lawyers who completed their LPMC in recent months – and find out why it was the right time for them.


1. It’s a smart way to secure job certainty in our uncertain world

The economic effects of COVID-19 have been immense – with many legal professionals left jobless and unsure of how to take their next step.

If you were made redundant or are experiencing job uncertainty, the LPMC can open the door for you to explore different ways start your own practice.

This was a major driver for Amelia Englert, a Solicitor at McAuliffe Legal in the beautiful Margaret River.

Amelia Englert

‘A big part of why I did the course now had to do with COVID-19 – and wanting to explore different employment options. I didn’t have much in-depth knowledge of trust account management, which is an important topic. The course is quite technical and runs through the subject matter really carefully.’

Amelia Englert, Gracetown WA


For Alex O’Donohue of Goodman Group Lawyers, the LPMC kick-started the idea for him to manage his own practice.

Alex O’Donohue

‘It helped show me the things I need to do and look for. The course modules will forever be a prompt for the skills I need to continue working on in my development.’

Alex O’Donohue, Warrnambool VIC


2. It opens your eyes to the impacts of digital disruption and changing client needs

The legal profession was already facing significant challenges due to digital disruption. But now… with a global pandemic? These challenges have were intensified beyond measure.

As a result, there is an even greater demand for lawyers to be equipped with skills to navigate their rapidly evolving field and changing client needs.

The LPMC addresses these pressures head-on. It covers both legal technology and marketing, so you’ll feel confident tackling whatever broader industry disruptions come your way.

For Alex, it was a timely opportunity to become a more well-rounded lawyer while he had some more times on his hands.


Alex O’Donohue

‘Lawyers are usually very time poor. So if you have the time to upskill right now, I highly recommend it. It will round you off better as a lawyer.’

Alex O’Donohue, Warrnambool VIC


For Amelia, the LPMC has completely altered how she works.

Amelia Englert'Day to day, there are things I still use from the course – in terms of organisation, how I work, the priority I place on different tasks… I still think about all of the areas.’

Amelia Englert, Gracetown WA


3. You can broaden your professional network (even when working from home)

While networking opportunities decreased over the last year, they do still exist.

In fact, completing an online course, such as your LPMC, is a great way to keep building your professional (and social) connections.

This was certainly the case for Zita Allen from Lantern Legal in Port Macquarie:

Zita Allen, Port Macquarie NSW'One of the best things about online study with The College of Law for me was being able to forge professional relationships with my lecturers. These relationships have continued beyond the formal period of study.’

Zita Allen, Port Macquarie NSW


4. You can progress your career – without leaving your loved ones

For many people, it’s simply never a good time to leave young children or other loved ones behind to travel interstate. But with the LPMC an onsite-only course (before COVID-19), this was always an unavoidable reality.

That’s why, with borders that could be closed at any time, lawyers across Australia are seizing the opportunity to update their credentials online.

Completing her LPMC online was certainly part of the appeal for both Amelia and Zita.


Amelia Englert

‘I have a young family. So taking the course online let me stay with my kids, while still advancing my career.’

Amelia Englert, Gracetown WA


Zita Allen, Port Macquarie NSW‘Taking the course online meant I didn’t have to leave my children….it worked really well for me.’

Zita Allen, Port Macquarie NSW


5. You can save time and avoid costly travel expenses

Before the pandemic, participants who weren’t located in the relevant capital cities had no choice but to face time away from their offices and families – and outlay travel expenses for attendance.

From flights to hotel costs to dining out, a brief professional development trip to Sydney or Perth can become an expensive endeavour in no time.

So it’s no surprise that completing your LPMC online has quickly become a popular delivery option.

Cabarita Beach-based lawyer, Angus Cornell, echoed this sentiment.

Angus Cornell‘Being online made attendance at the course much easier and less costly. If it were in person, I would have had to go to Sydney for the weekend. Which would have meant time away from work and home – plus the expense of airfares and accommodation.’

Angus Cornell, Cabarita Beach NSW


The College of Law is currently permitted by the relevant regulatory bodies to deliver the LPMC online given the impacts of COVD-19 , but this may not be the case forever. So if you’re ready to elevate your career and enjoy the convenience of online learning, discover more about LPMC now.


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