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Resilience Programs

Resilience Programs

2021 Resilience Programs for Lawyers

The College of Law provides a number of programs dealing with the various aspects of resilience and mental health first aid in the workplace. These programs have been designed to provide the strategies and skills you need to assist yourself, individuals, management and staff.

We are running these programs several times this year. Click through the dates that suits you.


Course presenter

Steven Colligan, Director, FrontTier

Steven is a registered psychotherapist and organisational development specialist with over 20 years’ experience. Steven specialises in capability building, business transformation, change leadership, and human resources transformation.

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At FrontTier, we integrate the latest research, to uncover the internal and external qualities that define holistic leaders and grow true wellbeing for your workforce.


Course Listing

How to build resilient and focused teams

This session will help you understand that it is more what we do and think when faced with adversity and how those behaviours can impact your team’s performance while providing positive psychology solutions.

Dates: 14 July 2021, 3 November 2021


Understanding emotional intelligence and unconscious bias

You will become more aware of and understand unconscious bias and create a personal plan for change.

Dates: 6 October 2021


Mindfulness techniques for legal professionals

You will be introduced to the various aspects of mindfulness and how it can be used in everyday life, both professional and personal.

Dates: 16 July 2021, 4 November 2021


How to manage yourself and others during conflict

Conflict in human relationships, even good relationships, is inevitable. Learning how to manage conflict is a cruicial skill for anyone as conflict is a part of daily life.

Dates: 1 July 2021, 9 September 2021


Strategies for managing multi-generational and diverse teams

Learn about the concepts of generational literacy, unconscious bias and emotional intelligence and your impact on personal, team and organisational success.

Dates: 4 August 2021


Advanced resilience principles for lawyers – adaptive techniques to maximise Performance

Attend this program to develop a deeper understanding of your personal triggers, stress tipping point, coping strategies, building optimism and maximising performance

Dates: 8 September 20218 December 2021


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