WEP3 Construing and Drafting Wills

WEP3 Construing and Drafting Wills


Building on WEP1 – Law and Practice of Wills, this subject is designed to enable students to identify, analyse and apply the principles and rules relating to the construction of wills, especially as they relate to potentially contested estates.  It enables students to construe and advise clients on complex issues arising from wills, as well as to enhance further their skills in drafting more challenging wills provisions.




Topics in this subject include:

  • The court of construction
  • Construction suits
  • Principles of construction
  • Rules of construction
  • Admissibility of evidence in the construction of a will
  • Construing gifts
  • Equitable doctrines in the construction of a will
  • Lapse of gifts
  • Drafting issues with blended families
  • Issues in advising on estate planning
  • Court made statutory wills



The College of Law is an Accredited Education Partner of STEP, the worldwide professional association for practitioners dealing with family inheritance and succession planning. STEP has over 20,000 members across more than 80 countries from a broad range of professional backgrounds.

One subject in either the Wills & Estates major or Estate Planning major, gives you 30 Diploma Level credits towards STEP membership. If you wish to proceed to Full STEP Membership, with use of post-nominal TEP, you must have a minimum of two years’ relevant experience and successfully complete 120 Diploma Level credits, including the successful completion of any two subjects from the following list:

  • WEP1 Foundations of Wills & Estates Practice; 
  • WEP2 Law and Practice of Estates;
  • EPP1 Foundations of Estate Planning; 
  • EPP2 Superannuation. 


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