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Goal Setting & Career Planning
07 March 2024

READY. SET. GOAL! 2024 Goal Setting & Career Planning

Published on 07 March 2024
In a world buzzing with goal-setting hype, it's easy to wonder if it's just a trend or the real deal. 
Join us as we explore goals—why they matter and how to achieve them—guided by our fantastic speaker, Mel Story. With 11 years in law spanning aviation to cloud computing, Mel is an award-winning In House Lawyer of the Year, podcaster, and TikTok star. 
What we'll cover:
  • Why start a career plan early
  • The power of self-awareness
  • Seizing opportunities like a pro
  • Building your network
  • Navigating life's surprises
Thursday 7 March 2024
12.30pm AEDT




    Mel Storey       

Mel Storey, 2023 In House Lawyer of the Year | Legal Counsel | Podcaster | Speaker | Board Member

Mel, a seasoned lawyer with 11 years of experience, has thrived in diverse industries such as aviation, financial services, and currently, cloud computing. As an in-house advocate, she shares career insights with a combined audience of over 17,000 on Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok.
Mel's accolades include the Queensland Law Society’s In-House Lawyer of the Year, Lawyer’s Weekly Corporate Counsel 30 Under 30 Award, and the Modern Counsel Global Legal Leaders Award. Actively involved in the legal community, she has contributed as a Member of the Association of Corporate Counsel National Conference Committee, In-House Advisor to the Women Lawyers Association Queensland, and currently serves on the Board of the Centre for Legal Innovation Emerging Leaders Advisory Group.
In April 2020, amidst Australia's first COVID-19 lockdown, Mel launched 'Counsel,' a self-made podcast delving into the nuances of in-house lawyer life.