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16 August 2021

Careers Academy 2021

Published on 16 August 2021

Calling all job hunters, post-pandemic pivoters, career changers and those struggling through a quarter life crisis who aren't sure of the legal career they want. 

Join us for our FREE online career festival which has all the advice, tips and resources you need to discover and land your dream role. All without leaving the couch! 

In this live eight-part series you will get practical advice on pursuing your legal career from law students, lawyers and industry experts! 

Now in it's fourth year, more than 4,000 Australian law students have benefited from our Careers Academy.

Register today to get amazing advice for pursuing your legal career.

What is Admission to Practice Academy?
A series of webinars for law students and graduates. The free, five-day event features eight online sessions covering topics such as:
  • Finding a Seat at the Bar
  • How to Survive as a First Year Lawyer
  • The Unfiltered Truth: A Conversation about Mental Health
  • Legal Futures 
  • Working In and Around the Law: Alternative Careers
  • Practical Legal Training
How does it work?
If you have computer and an email address — and you know how to browse the internet — you already have all you need to view our sessions!
Register and you'll be given access to view all of the talks, panels and interviews throughout the week.
If you forget about it, or have other plans -> every single session will be emailed to students who register so that you can watch it on demand. 
What are you waiting for?