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Stewart, Tatiana and Linda

Becoming an FDRP: What you need to know - Webinar Recording | Video

Unlock the insider insights to becoming a Family Dispute Resolution Practice (FDRP) in this exclusive recorded session by the esteemed experts at the College of Law.

Whether you're a legal professional eager to elevate your skills or a mediator aiming to expand your toolkit, this session covers all the essential details on the journey to becoming an FDRP.

Presented by:

  • Tatiana Rabaeva, Head of Postgraduate Program;
  • Stewart McCaroll, Team Leader in Customer Engagement, and
  • Linda Kochanski, Facilitator at College of Law.


0:00 Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country
0:32 Agenda
1:13 Introductions
1:58 Program overview
3:07 Entry requirements & Recognition of prior learning
6:27 Program structure
15:40 Why becoming an FDRP?
18:06 How to transition from lawyer to mediator
20:09 Adding FDR to your practice
22:56 Why other professions are interested in FDRP
26:18 Frequently asked questions
26:38 Starting FDR by first entering NMAS
29:09 FDR5 subject benefit - the practicum
34:17 What's the commitment like for the course
40:56 Next step after completing program
44:09 End of Q&A
44:14 How to enrol