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20 November 2023

REVEALED: The College’s most popular on-demand CPD short courses for 2024

Published on 20 November 2023

Being a successful, respected lawyer means having more than extensive technical knowledge. It demands a thorough grasp of ethical practices, client management strategies – and nuanced legal concepts.

And as the legal landscape continues to evolve, focused and dynamic CPD becomes critical.

To prepare you for what’s next, let’s unpack the College of Law’s 5 most popular on-demand CPD Digital Subscription courses. It’s the best way to keep your skills sharp – and your mind engaged.

But first, why on-demand, digital CPD?

If you hold a practising certificate, meeting your annual CPD requirements is non-negotiable.

But more than that, given today’s ever-changing legal sector, no lawyer can afford to let their learning lag.

Thankfully, with the College of Law’s CPD Digital Subscription, your professional growth is just a click away. Night or day. In the office or on the train.

With 90+ short courses to cherry-pick from, you can fill your knowledge gaps, discover new perspectives and approaches – and meet your mandatory CPD requirements.

Popular CPD course no. 5: The Law of Caveats

Caveats are one of the most recognisable forms of land dealings across Australia. And yet, they’re widely misunderstood.

In this course, Principal Lawyer Greg Stilianou clarifies the crucial role of caveats in land transactions – and how they act as pivotal warnings and protectors of legal interests.

Collaborative, structured and in-depth, this learning journey equips you with the skills to navigate caveat complexity. Plus, you’ll gain practical drafting knowledge and learn the implications of lapsed caveats.

Popular CPD course no. 4: Contract Law Fundamentals

Three things are certain in a lawyer’s life: taxes, death and reading contracts.

A firm grasp of contract law is essential for both junior and seasoned lawyers. To understand the obligations, rights and commitments of both parties. And enforce the correct solutions.

Experts in the field Roman Rozenberg, Sam Prendergast, Nicolas Gallina and Lucy Davis address the complexities of contract law – like illegal and unfair terms – in this comprehensive and challenging course.

An essential resource for mastering the many intricate aspects of contract law.

Popular CPD course no. 3: The Ethics of Client Legal Privilege

Full and frank discussions between lawyer and client are paramount. They enable you to provide accurate and well-informed legal advice – and get the best possible result for your client.

But the ethics of client legal privilege are challenging to navigate.

Led by Angus Macinnis, Director of Dispute Resolution at StevensVuaran Lawyers, this course explains the safeguards applied to lawyer and client communications.

You'll gain a solid understanding of the ethics of maintaining privilege, dive deep into the unique roles of in-house counsel, and examine the consequences of losing privilege because of disclosure and fraud.

The result? An arsenal of essential knowledge for effective legal representation and counsel.

Popular CPD course no. 2: Ethics – Rules vs. Values

Ethical integrity and credibility are the pillars of the legal profession. They create and maintain trust between lawyers, clients and courts.

But how do you ensure you’re always acting with integrity?

This course – led by Steve Mark, Director of Creative Consequences and former NSW Legal Services Commissioner – unpacks the professional code of conduct and explores the fundamental principles of lawyering and role morality.

Through a series of hypothetical scenarios, you’ll apply your learnings and ensure your ethical compass is pointing firmly north.

Popular CPD course no.1: Effective Client Management

Sometimes, the hardest part of being a lawyer isn’t interpreting the law. It’s working for clients with unique needs, approaches and personalities.

Knowing how to manage these relationships – particularly in high-pressure situations – is critical.

Ian Bennett, Special Counsel at Sparke Helmore Lawyers, explains battle-tested client engagement strategies in this course. You’ll learn how to harness the SACRED model to refine your client interactions and create enduring relationships in a demanding legal environment.

Keen to keep your legal nous a step ahead – on a timeline that suits you? Choose from 70+ courses in our Digital Subscription.

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