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20 November 2023

5 must-have CPD courses for sole practitioners

Published on 20 November 2023

Running your own law firm isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Yes, you’re your own boss. But with great power comes great responsibility. And that means wearing a lot of hats.  

It’s no wonder then that the best law firm owners are so much more than skilled lawyers.

Under the hood of a successful sole practitioner is a whole gamut of business and interpersonal skills. And as the legal industry continues to shift, the pressure to keep these skills sharp and up to speed increases.

One way you can do this? By joining the College of Law’s CPD Digital Subscription service. This one-stop shop is the ticket to honing the essential skills you need to thrive as a sole practitioner.

Let’s unpack 5 of the most important skills – and corresponding on-demand CPD courses – that sole practitioners can’t do without.

1. Master your marketing

The most successful law firms have a strong digital footprint. There’s no two ways about it.

Your online presence is often the first chance a prospective client has to interact with your business. That means a compelling website and social media accounts are paramount.

The good news? You don’t need a marketing degree to build your profile and practice.

Because ‘Marketing Foundations for Lawyers’ will give you the knowledge you need.

This popular CPD short course will guide you to create LinkedIn posts that convert. Sing your message loud and clear online. And attract clients – organically and authentically.

2. Manage your clients effectively

Referrals. Retention. Revenue. Reputation.

These are the foundations of a thriving law firm. And they all come back to your client relationships.

You can build the skills to attract and retain clients with the College’s ‘Effective Client Management’ on-demand course. Whether that’s learning how to break down complex legal terms, act with cultural sensitivity – or manage expectations.

It’s a tool you’ll use time and time again. And your clients will thank you for it.

3. Lead with adaptability

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that the world can change in an instant. And in turn, leaders must remain adaptable in the face of constant evolution.

That’s where the ‘Leading and Managing Firms in Difficult Times’ course comes in.

From navigating new technologies to dealing with a major event, effective practice management means dealing with personal, professional and industry changes as they emerge. And continuing to lead your business despite the difficulties.

During this course, you’ll learn the strategies needed to steer your clients, employees and firm towards success. And how to foster an environment of innovation and agility.

4. Manage your time strategically

Time management is an invaluable skill – across all specialisations.

It’s especially vital when you’re running the show. Between managing your own clients and the wider team (not to mention profitability and the myriad of other business matters), it can feel like there are never enough hours in the day.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

With the ‘Manage Your Time, Manage Yourself’ CPD short course, you can start taking control of your professional life – and create a structure that ensures your success.

5. Leverage legal technology

The legal profession is transforming. Clients demand more, and legal tech is disrupting standard processes and procedures.

However, effective sole practitioners stand at the front of the technological tidal wave – able to leverage legal tech to improve client experience and satisfaction.

The ‘What CX is, why it matters and how to get started’ course shows you which digital tools can streamline your workflow, how to tailor your communication and marketing efforts to individual customers – and how to enhance your clients' journey from whoa to go.

The result? A reputation as a trusted leader and advisor.

Ready to elevate your performance as a sole practitioner?

Join our CPD Digital Subscription service. You’ll have instant access to 70+ short courses – empowering you to optimise every facet of your legal business.

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