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Learn how you like - The new way to do CPD in 2023
01 February 2023

Learn how you like - What you want, when you want

Published on 01 February 2023

With the rapid rise of online learning and the sheer variety of courses, it’s easier than ever to learn what you want, when you want.

The College’s CPD program offers a new digital CPD subscription which is the easiest and most cost-effective way to meet your compliance needs – with 70+ hours of videos, podcasts and short interactive modules. Plus, you can explore over 70 individual in-depth courses, and 40+ in-person and live online courses.

Here’s what’s on offer – and how you can complete all your CPD points by 31 March.

Choose from 16 new practice area bundles

To help you develop topic-specific skills, we’ve curated and packaged a range of practice area bundles so you can upskill in practice areas like:

  • Wills and estates
  • Family law
  • Property transactions
  • Legal business management
  • Commercial contracts
  • Self-management

Each bundle includes four related courses. You’ll gain eight hours of self-paced interactive learning which you can access for a year. By selecting a bundle package, you’ll save 40% on the individual courses.

All courses include interactive activities so you can test your knowledge and practise your skills.

Browse the bundle collection and save

Subscribe to unlock over 70 hours of learning content

The College’s CPD Digital Subscription is an entirely new way to learn and grow.

With this comprehensive solution, you can meet all your mandatory CPD requirements for only $499 per year. You’ll unlock on-demand access to:

  • Interactive CPD modules across all mandatory categories
  • Centre for Legal Innovation: podcasts and vodcasts exploring the cutting edge of legal innovation, operations, and technology
  • Hearsay: podcast and vodcasts on topical legal issues with leading experts
  • How-To: interactive modules with an activity-based focus to develop and refine key skills
  • College Interactive: in-depth interactive courses with activities and resources

You can access content across areas like litigation, drafting, client management, professional conduct, legal automation, employment law and much more.

And this is just the beginning. We’ll add more insightful, informative content consistently throughout your time on the platform.

Explore our diverse content library

Stay informed about current changes. And expand your legal expertise.

Target your core skills with 70+ individual in-depth, on-demand courses

Want to sharpen a specific skill? Or enhance your core competencies in key topic areas?

With our in-depth, on-demand single courses you’ll gain 24/7 access to interactive modules, leading insights and practical strategies.

Gain an in-depth learning resource. And choose from engaging formats such as:

  • Step-by-step guides: Explore crucial processes to excel in certain practice areas.
  • Skills series modules: Sharpen an essential skill that you need to succeed.
  • Practice guides: Gain practical tips on different practice areas.

Strengthen your leadership skills. Become more proficient in mortgage transactions. Or develop more effective drafting techniques.

Learn when and where it suits you, with our on-demand courses

Each course is designed to provide both education and enjoyment – to accelerate your growth as a legal professional.

Explore over 40 in-person and live online courses

Prefer to learn and ask questions in real time? We’ve got you covered.

You can log on from home for our live online courses, or join us at our Sydney campus for our in-person or hybrid events. Hear from world-class presenters and network with industry insiders. Our relevant and engaging live courses will accelerate your growth today – to amplify your impact tomorrow.

At the College, our presenters practise what they teach – as active lawyers, academics and consultants and Judges. We are always ready to answer your questions and support you when you need it.

View our upcoming live courses

Bolster your legal toolkit. And provide your clients with service excellence and first-class expertise.

Learn how you like with the College. Select from specialist courses. Browse curated bundles. Or subscribe to harness hours of legal insights.

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