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System Requirements

System Requirements


Please check your system to make sure it meets the minimum requirements as at August 2020.

Learning PortalThe Learning Portal is accessed via the Canvas web-based learning system.


A WebEx Conference is the method by which your lecturer will schedule online meetings with you and your class. You may also need Zoom.

Please check your system to make sure it meets the minimum requirements. Below are the minimum system requirements you will need to successfully access Canvas as well as start and run a WebEx conference.

Step 1 - Internet Speed
Go to your internet service provider’s web site, and search there for speed test.

Minimum requirement: 1.5Mbps for Download


Step 2 - Operating System Desktops and laptops
Check your computer operating system – www.whatsmyos.com

PC or laptop: Windows 10

Mobile devices
Android Tablets/Smartphones with Android OS 8.0 and above

Apple iMac, Macbook Air/Pro or Mac Mini running OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) and above
Install WebEx Meetings App from the App Store (free download)


Step 3 - Browser & Software  Compatible web browsers
Whether joining from a Windows PC or Apple Mac, you must first make sure your web browser is compatible and supported. Supported web browsers are:

  • Google Chrome 83 and 84 - Windows and Mac
  • Mozilla Firefox 78 and 79 - Windows and Mac
  • Apple Safari 12 and 13 – Mac only
  • Microsoft Edge 83 and 84 – Windows only
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer - Not supported

Use this site to check your browser version: www.whatismybrowser.com

Microsoft Word 


Step 4 - Speaker and microphone If your device doesn’t have a built-in speaker and microphone, any compatible external speakers, microphone or headset will be sufficient.
Earphones with built-in microphone (such as Apple Airpods) are fine.


Step 5 - Webcam If your device doesn’t have a built-in camera, any compatible external webcams are suitable. Many of the Logitech HD Webcam and Microsoft LifeCam range have been tested by Webex and are suitable.

Not sure? Please contact the College’s IT Support team as soon as possible. We can arrange a trial run or provide further guidance to you to resolve any questions or problems.
Please call: 1300 856 112 or or Email: itsupport@collaw.ac.nz