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National mediation assessment

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Prerequisite: You must have successfully completed a Nationally Accredited Mediator Training Program or it’s equivalent within the required timeframe in order to undertake/enrol in a National Mediation Assessment.

If you have any questions, please contact our Practitioner Education team on Tel 02 9965 7111 or email cpd@collaw.edu.au

This assessment will be conducted entirely online.

Have you recently completed a Nationally Accredited Mediator Training Program?

Complete your National Mediation Assessment with The College of Law.

We are a registered training provider of mediation training programs, compliant with the current National Mediator Accreditation Scheme (NMAS).

Why choose The College of Law?

Our National Mediation Assessment has successfully passed over 300 mediation professionals, since the programs 2014 implementation.

And unlike our competitors, we offer a half day of mediation theory and review to prepare you for your assessment.

All times listed for this course are Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time (AEDT). Please take note of any time differences if you are registering from Qld, WA, SA, NT or from outside Australia.

Practitioners holding WA practising certificates are not eligible to earn CPD points for this course.


Full Price $1100.00

Alumni/Member Price $990.00


Start date:

20 October 2022

End date:

21 October 2022


The College of Law’s National Mediation Assessment is comprised of a half day of mediation theory and review to prepare you for your full day of role-play assessment conducted via video conferencing. You will have the opportunity to ask any last-minute questions.

Thursday (1pm – 5pm AEDT): Review of mediation models and theory

Friday (9am – 3.30pm AEDT): Role-play assessment

Please note that:

(a) to seek NMAS accreditation, you must have firstly completed a nationally recognised mediation training program, prior to completing your mediation assessment;

(b) in order to successfully pass the assessment, you must meet the assessment requirements of the National Mediation Accreditation Standards by demonstrating competency with respect to all aspects of the NMAS process and the necessary skills required to lead parties through the process (see NMAS Approval Standards Section 2.4); and

(c) in order to gain accreditation you must meet all of the approval requirements set out in the NMAS Approval Standards -you can view the NMAS Approval Standards here.

For further information, please contact our Practitioner Education team on Tel (02) 9965 7111 or email cpd@collaw.edu.


Designed for

Practitioners seeking National Mediation Accreditation. 



If you intend to claim CPD units for this educational activity, please note that CPD activities are not accredited by the Law Society of NSW or any other equivalent local authority, with the exception of Western Australia. If you hold a practising certificate in a state or territory other than Western Australia and this educational activity extends your knowledge and skills in areas that are relevant to your practice needs or professional development, then you should claim one (1) "unit” for each hour of attendance, refreshment breaks not included. The annual requirement is ten (10) CPD units each year from 1 April to 31 March. Some practitioners, such as accredited specialists are required to complete more than ten (10) units each CPD year.

If you hold a Western Australian practising certificate, please refer to the course description above as to whether you are eligible to earn CPD points for this activity.


Mandatories Covered

This course complies with the mandatory requirement of Professional Skills.


Presenter biography

Linda Kochanski, LLB, Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS), FDRP

Linda Kochanski has been admitted as a Solicitor in Queensland since 1986, initially specialising in Family and Criminal Law. She gained extensive experience in various areas of law but discovered a particular interest in family law and mediation.

Linda subsequently worked for Relationships Australia in various roles including Branch Manager, Coordinator of Mediation and Senior Consultant in Mediation. She has practised in all forms of relationship mediation. Linda continues to practice mediation and is a member of Bond University's Dispute Resolution Centre.

Linda has been a Tutor and Lecturer since 1991 working initially as a tutor with QUT. In 2001, Linda was a founding Lecturer in the Griffith Professional Legal Training Program instructing in Family, Criminal, Property and Estates Legal Practice. In 2004 she was appointed as On Campus Program Coordinator at Griffith. Linda has been teaching in the Bond University PLT program since 2009.
Linda has presented at national and international conferences on Mediation and Family Law and has published in these areas as well.

Linda is the current Practice Leader at The College of Law for both their Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution Practice and their suite of mediation programs. Linda is also an Adjunct Lecturer for the College for their Applied Law Postgraduate Program, in Family Law.

Bianca Keys, Bianca Keys Dispute Resolution Consulting

Bianca Keys is a highly experienced Mediator (NMAS accredited), Facilitator, Trainer and Conflict Management Coach. Bianca operates her own consultancy, specialising in mediation and conflict management services for commercial, workplace and healthcare disputes. She has been a Director on the Mediator Standards Board since 2014 and Chairperson between 2019-2021. The Mediator Standards Board oversees the National Mediator Accreditation System. 

Bianca has diverse experience designing and implementing industry dispute resolution schemes. She has worked with Federal Government and Industry in the design and management of processes for the Australian franchising, horticulture, retail, petroleum, film exhibition, and wine making industries. 

Bianca has delivered mediation training in Australia, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Bahrain. This variety has given her the opportunity to work with different cultures and to develop a broad understanding of training and accreditation needs. In addition, Bianca designs and delivers tailored conflict management and resolution skills workshops for organisations, and professional development workshops for mediators and conciliators.

Bianca has a legal background, although she now works solely as an ADR professional. She has been appointed to a number of mediation panels, including the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, NSW Small Business Commission, NSW Personal Injury Commission, the Australian Disputes Centre, and the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (Franchising and Small Business Disputes).

Bianca is a frequent contributor to a variety of industry publications and conferences and is consulted for her expertise in effective communication, conflict resolution and leadership. She is particularly passionate about training new mediators, in order to maintain a high standard of ADR service delivery in Australia.