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Meet College of Law Governor Glenn Ferguson AM
24 November 2021

Meet Glenn Ferguson AM: From detective to lawyer and College of Law Governor

Published on 24 November 2021

Sunshine Coast lawyer Glenn Ferguson AM never dreamt of being a lawyer at school. Glenn, Managing Director of FC Lawyers, Chair for the College of Law Queensland and Governor of the College’s National Board, left school to study engineering. Insights spoke to Glenn about his unusual journey to the law, advisory and legal leadership roles, and what he thinks sets graduates of The College of Law apart.

Our clients are our friends - and our friends are our clients

Glenn has run his firm for over 25 years and currently serves as its managing director.

“I never dreamt of being a lawyer. In fact, I ended up studying mining engineering,” said Glenn. “I joined the police force and had great experiences as a police diver and detective. It was during that time that I became interested in the law and how it was intrinsically weaved into every aspect of our modern lives.”

He has since spent the better part of two decades in the law, and relishes his role.

“I love going to work, being part of a team, and interacting with clients,” said Glenn. “I really never see challenges, always opportunities. I am very proud of our firm, and the staff are wonderful. It is really like a big family. We have a motto when it comes to how we engage as a firm: “Our clients are our friends, and our friends are our clients.”

Sunshine Coast lifestyle meets legal leadership

As a Sunshine Coast local for thirty years, Glenn has seen the area grow, evolve, and thrive.

“It is a sensational place to live and work and the envy of many,” said Glenn. “It is seeing incredible growth, and the opportunities are endless. The quality of the client base and the level of work can be exceptional. We have offices in Brisbane and Sydney, and I can assure you that the quality of work/life balance here on the Sunshine Coast is amazing. I would encourage any lawyer to consider the Sunshine Coast as a very dynamic region.”

In addition to his legal work, Glenn has served in significant leadership roles throughout his career, including President of the Law Council of Australia, the Queensland Law Society, and LAWASIA.

I have served on many State and Federal inquiries, reviews and advisory boards, which have exposed me to policy and advocacy in relation to a range of issues,” said Glenn. The most important of all was my involvement on The Expert Panel on the Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (the Expert Panel) was appointed by the Prime Minister in December 2010 to lead a wide-ranging national public consultation and engagement program throughout 2011.”

 “However, I still say the most rewarding aspect of my legal work is dealing with clients, their problems and opportunities. It is very rewarding to provide advice, guidance and solutions. I am now seeing the third generation of clients come back to us. It is a terrific feeling.”

The College of Law elevates legal skills to a new level

Glenn has been involved with The College of Law for over fifteen years, serving as the Chair of the College of Law Queensland and as Governor of the National Board. 

“The College is an exceptional educational institution, which provides, in my opinion, the best post-admission practical legal training to prepare lawyers for practice,” said Glenn.

“I am proud to have seen many of my team go through the College’s PLT program, and they hit the ground running. I am always encouraged by their comments regarding the course as to the quality of the materials and, most importantly, the exceptional lecturers who genuinely care and take an interest in them.”

“I am also a great fan of the postgraduate courses run by the College of Law,” said Glenn. “They are practical and delivered by real practitioners who are at the top of their specialisation. It is surprising how many lawyers I speak to that have undertaken further studies, particularly the Masters programmes, who praise the College’s courses. They say it elevates their knowledge and skills to a completely new level. It is a practical course which really does set them apart from others in their areas of expertise.”