16 October 2018

The College of Law Top 10 Insights

Published on 16 October 2018

Here at the College of Law, we have been proud to deliver timely and relevant legal news on trending issues, developments in practice management, updates to the law, and quirky stories to our audience of lawyers and law students undertaking PLT. This week, Insights focuses on the top 10 stories you found most ‘insightful’.


10. Confused about CPD or CLE requirements?

Continuing Professional Development or Continuing Legal Education requirements can be confusing at the best of times. Different activities can offer a different number of points, while some jurisdictions require at least one CPD/CLE point be undertaken in ethics, practice management or professional skills every year. Further caps apply to online learning. To assist, the College of Law put together a helpful guide for those confused by CPD or CLE requirements, which includes link to local law societies for further information.


9. How to land the right law job

Landing the law job that’s right for you can be tricky. Fail to choose the right firm or right area, and you could find yourself locked in to a particular path and unable to switch to another area of practice mid-career. In this Insights story, Jo Calder, the National Human Resources Manager for New Zealand firm Buddle Findlay, shares her top tips to finding and landing the right law job for you.


8. Four big predictions for the legal profession in 2018

Technology. Disruption. Innovation. Beyond the buzzwords, this story explored four major ways the legal profession was expected to change and adapt to new technology and systems of work being adopted by law firms, and how lawyers could ensure they stayed on the right side of the technological divide.


7. Thriving as a lawyer in the age of disruption

In a similar vein, this story took a more personal look at how law graduate, entrepreneur and academic Wenee Yap adapted to the challenges of disruption and the economic turbulence of a post-GFC profession. Wenee offered practical tips on how to thrive in a legal career despite the changing times and technological shifts, and the importance of seizing the initiative to strike one’s own career path.


6. Email drafting: Three key criteria to consider before clicking ‘send’

So much of a lawyer’s work occurs via email. To help lawyers make the most of email correspondence, and ensure clients take action on legal instructions, this Insights story focused on three key criteria lawyers should consider before clicking ‘send.’


5. Pathway to the Bar: Interview with Carmel Lee

Becoming a barrister is a long-held ambition of many, even before they go to law school. Finding the best way to build a career and solicitor referral network conducive to a prosperous career at the bar is not always clear. In this Insights story, Carmel Lee offered advice for those interested in pursuing a career as a barrister, based on her own experience.


4. Wise words for new lawyers

For new lawyers, it can be hard to find practical, immediately applicable advice on how to succeed in their legal career. This Insights story put the question out to the lawyers of Australia and compiles the advice of experienced lawyers for new lawyers in their early career.


3. Case closed: Interesting court cases from 2016

In what turned out to be an eventful year, this story listed the most interesting court cases from 2016. From faulty bank guarantees to dodgy drug dealers mailing cocaine to their grandmother, this list of court cases delved into all that was weird, wonderful and memorable about this year in court.


2. The cost of law: How litigation funding works with lawyers in Australia

Litigation funding is a controversial topic among lawyers. For some, it reflects rank profiteering from litigation, while for others, it represents a logical step forward in providing access to justice for those wronged but unable to afford a lawyer. Whatever your view, this story offered a detailed overview of how litigation funding operates in Australia.


1. Top 10 most influential court cases of the last 40 years

A top 10 list of influential court cases was always going to be hotly contested, and this list was no different. From Mabo to the right to a fair trial, to dingoes stealing babies and asylum seekers looking thrown overboard, this top 10 list has been by far the most popular story ever to feature on Insights.