Legal Profession Support Package

Legal Profession Support Package

FAQs for Scholarship Applicants

1. When can I apply?

Applications open Monday, 22 June 2020 and close Monday, 17 August 2020.

2. Can I apply if I am eligible for Studylink?

No because the New Zealand LLM (NZLLM) is an Australian accredited award not an NZQA accredited award

3. Can you tell me more about the scholarship on offer?

The focus of the NZLLM programme is on developing technical and practical proficiency through innovative problem-based learning. Our programme relies on learning by doing — the application of legal skills to realistic tasks and scenarios that practitioners encounter in practice.

The programme facilitates flexibility and easy access with online delivery, regular communication with lecturers and support by practitioners from the relevant areas of legal practice.

Whatever your goals may be, the LLM (Applied Law) is designed to enhance your on-the-job skills and give you the edge you need to take your career to the next level.

4. I am currently enrolled in a College award program - am I eligible for a scholarship?

If you are currently enrolled in the NZLLM you and you meet the criteria for the scholarship you may apply to have the scholarship applied to any remaining subjects in your NZLLM degree.

5. What subjects can I take in the Scholarship?

The scholarship can be applied to any subjects offered by COLNZ for the NZLLM.

6. When do I start and how long do I have to complete a Scholarship?

You must start your first subject within the next two intakes in the year that the scholarship is awarded. You have 24 months from the start of your first subject to complete the NZLLM Scholarship.

7. What is the time commitment involved?

Each intake runs for 12 weeks. You should allow 8-10 hours study per week.

8. What happens if I cannot start in August?

If you receive a scholarship but cannot start in the August 2020 intake, you may start in the following intake, which is in November 2020. This intake goes over the Christmas/New Year period.

9. Will anyone know I am on a scholarship?

It is entirely up to you whether you promote that you are the recipient of a scholarship. The College will never disclose any personal or academic information about anyone enrolled in any of our programs. Your personal details and scholarship offer are kept confidential.

Once you are enrolled in a subject, neither the lecturer or any student will know that you have received a scholarship, unless you disclose it.

If we wish to make any announcement about the award of scholarships, we would not mention scholarship recipient names, unless you had given your express permission.

10. How much weight is given to each of the criteria?

The Support Package is designed to support those in our profession negatively affected by COVID. Financial impact will be given the most weight, but we also recognise that there are non-financial impacts. These may include hardship associated with increased caring responsibilities, health impacts on family members, foregone opportunities such as lost leave

We want to support those in need, so we encourage you to make an application even if you do not feel you meet the 30% threshold but still have a need.

11. When will I find out that I have been awarded a scholarship?

The Scholarship Committee will meet the week after applications close on 17 July 2020 to review all scholarship applications. Applicants will be notified on 31 July 2020 via email of the outcome of their application.

12. What happens after I am awarded a scholarship?

Once you receive confirmation that you have been successful, you will be asked to book a meeting time with an Enrolment Officer to discuss what is required next. They will help you choose subjects and will take you through the enrolment process.

Once enrolled, you will receive a confirmation of enrolment which will have details about how to access the subject(s) that you have enrolled in and general information about starting in the program. After this, you will complete the subject in the same way as everyone else.