Student Testimonial

Student Testimonial

“My name is Kiarah Grace Kelly. I'm a Collaborative Family Lawyer at Brisbane Family Law Centre.”


Kiarah Grace Kelly

Collaborative Family Lawyer, Brisbane Family Law Centre



My name is Kiarah Grace Kelly. I'm a Collaborative Family Lawyer at Brisbane Family Law Centre.

I knew I wanted to be a lawyer from a very young age. Actually, I remember my earliest memory of wanting to be a lawyer was in about grade five or six, we were told we should write down what we wanted to be when we grow up in a short story in primary school and lawyer is what I came up with and thankfully since that time I've stuck with it.

I really see a career in the law as an opportunity to help people and being able to continue challenging yourself at the same time.

I studied online part-time at The College of Law. I was also working almost full-time at the same time so it really allowed me to juggle all of that. Our tasks at the College were assigned to us well ahead of time, I knew what I needed to do really months in advance. I was able to diarise that and what I would do then is I would allocate a certain amount of time beforehand to give it a go. I would submit it and you're getting feedback continuously until it's perfect.

During our on-site week we actually attempted a mock trial and the advocacy skills that I gained from that have been really valuable for me.  I was able to surprise myself a little bit and now I can move into that space with a little bit more confidence than before.  I was actually really thrilled that we got to attempt that and I look back on that really fondly.

When I entered practice in the first couple of times I was assigned some tricky tasks I felt comfortable and familiar and it really did give me a head start.