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“University was very theory based and what I learnt at The College of Law was very practical.”


Chanel Martin




My name is Chanel Martin and I'm a Senior Solicitor at Resolve Divorce Lawyers.

I chose law because I was interested in politics, I was interested in human rights, I wanted to work with people. It's a very versatile degree that I thought I could use whether I went on to become a lawyer, whether I went on to work in politics.

The College of Law is a very practical degree which is why I chose that degree. It varied significantly from my law degree at university. University was very theory based and what I learnt at The College of Law was very practical. I think the biggest thing was being taught by barristers and judges and people practising in Family Law who had done so for a long time and were doing so at the time of lecturing and teaching which I found really helpful because it provides you with the skills that you need for everyday practice. It's a challenging degree where you're working face-to-face with judges and barristers to answer complex issues that come up in everyday practice and it will give you that insight into what it looks like and you'll be prepared in the future if that issue comes along.

So I studied a number of topics at The College of Law while studying my Masters in Family Law. Lots of them were really helpful, but the topic that stood out to me was the business development topic where you worked with business development professionals to create your own business plan to talk about what it involves to run a law firm which really opened up for me the opportunity of starting my own practice in the future.