LPM2 Legal Technology and Practice Management

LPM2 Legal Technology and Practice Management


This subject covers the wide array of issues relating to operating a legal practice in a digital world. The subject will enable the student to have a detailed understanding of the social and technological forces that are impacting on the practice of law. Legal and business factors area also considered as part of a whole-of-practice approach to technology and innovation.

Throughout the course the student will deal with the following complex scenarios:

  • Developing a whole-of-practice technology management strategy including needs assessment, solution analysis, costing and, change and implementation management.
  • Analysing new and emerging technologies for possible implementation in the practice
  • Effectively complying with all legal requirements and risk management standards for the operation of a legal practice in a digital world.
  • Review of current and emerging legal practice strategies as they relate to operating a legal practice in the digital world.



Topics in this subject include:

  • Introduction to technology in legal practice
  • Legal practice and the digital environment
  • Management of information in a law practice
  • Cyber-security for legal practices
  • Big law to tiny law
  • AI, apps and automation
  • Future technologies and the legal practice


Course offered in intake 1 2018, commencing 19 February 2018.

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