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Legal Practice Innovation

Legal Practice Innovation

About Legal Practice AND Innovation

Establishing a legal practice and managing that practice for growth can present different challenges you may not have had exposure to in your previous practice. 

The Legal Practice Innovation subjects equip students with the tools needed to effectively develop and manage a law practice, attract and maintain clients and manage staff. 

The coursework has been absolutely relevant to my daily practice. The material that was provided to us throughout the course is constantly being used by me throughout my practice.

Adeline Schiralli

Consulting Principal, Keypoint Law, Graduate of the Master of Laws (Applied Law) majoring in Wills and Estates


LPI2 Legal Technology and Practice Management

This subject covers the wide array of issues relating to operating a legal practice in a digital world. The subject will enable the student to have a detailed understanding of the social and technological forces that are impacting on the practice of law. Legal and business factors area also considered as part of a whole-of-practice approach to technology and innovation.

  • Introduction to technology in legal practice
  • Legal practice and the digital environment
  • Management of information in a law practice
  • Cyber-security for legal practices
  • Big law to tiny law
  • AI, apps and automation
  • Future technologies and the legal practice
LPI3 Client Strategy and Implementation

The ability to analyse, design, develop, and implement a client strategy is essential for leading and growing the business of contemporary law practice. This practice-based subject focuses on developing the advanced and specialised knowledge and skills required for developing and implementing a client strategy for legal practice.

  • Developing a client strategy
  • How to implement your client strategy
  • Building and leading the execution of a client strategy implementation plan
  • Pricing, billing and metrics
  • Innovation and the legal sector
  • Ethical implications and the client relationship



Advisory Board


Ms Sharon Cook,Chief Legal and Commercial Counsel, National Australia Bank

Mr Stuart Clark, President, Law Council of Australia

Ms Jacqueline Dawson, Solicitor Director, Sexton Family Law

Mr Howard Harrison, Managing Partner, Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers

Ms Mary Hockaday, Director & Business Services Consultant

Mr Warrick McClean, Chief Executive Officer, Coleman Greig Lawyers

Ms Cathryn Urquhart, Professional Skills Trainer & Coach


Teaching Staff

David Cosgrave, General Counsel, Sports Drug Testing International

Greg Dwyer, Practice Leader, Legal Practice Management Course, The College of Law

Jeffrey Roth Practice Leader, Legal Business Development, The College of Law