IHP116 Multi-Disciplinary Project Management

IHP116 Multi-Disciplinary Project Management


Project management encompasses a broad range of disciplines and skills. This subject focuses upon supporting the project management activities of the relevant players in a project role through the lifecycle of a major project. The objective is not to prepare lawyers to be project managers, but rather it is to familiarise you with the various components of the project lifecycle and with a lawyer’s role and contribution at the various stages of the lifecycle.


Topics in this subject include:

  • Understanding the project process and lifecycle
  • Defining the project and conducting preliminary analysis
  • Selecting project delivery methods
  • Analysing and identifying risk
  • Setting up project delivery structures
  • Design and Documentation Phase
  • Specifying project requirements
  • Dealing with contractual issues 
  • Project Procurement Phase
  • Conducting the tender process and awarding contracts 
  • Project Delivery Phase
  • Administering the contract and controlling budget, time and quality
  • Dealing with common problems and disputes
  • Completing and commissioning
  • Operational Phase
  • Reviewing key learning and operational issues


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