GOV00 Capstone Project (Government & Public Sector Law)

GOV00 Capstone Project (Government & Public Sector Law)


The Capstone Project is taken as your final subject, as a culmination of the knowledge and skills attained throughout your major. It will allow you to demonstrate your skills in a specialist practice area using real-life scenarios and case studies.

Throughout the semester, you will receive individualized feedback from your lecturer and will also have access to a rich array of skills modules that include guides, samples, and practice exercises for honing your legal skills.

The highlight of the Capstone Project is the final task, where you will prepare a Final Portfolio that demonstrates your legal writing, research, and oral skills.



The subject has four components:

  1. Four short answer questions
  2. Two legal writing samples
  3. Oral communication (e.g. client interview) assessment held through online conferencing
  4. Reflective analysis of oral communication


How to enrol

1. Download and read the Program Manual (PDF).
This document contains all the terms and conditions relating to your enrolment at The College of Law.

2. Decide on your program and initial subject/s

3. Enrol online



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