FLP3 Conducting Family Law Matters

FLP3 Conducting Family Law Matters


This subject covers the conduct of successful first conferences and assessing the advantages and disadvantages of a range of dispute resolution methods. It also covers the assessment of whether to commence proceedings and identifying whether to seek interim orders as well as final orders.

The subject aims to provide a problem-solving approach to the procedural aspects of the conduct of various types of family law matters, with particular emphasis on court and non-court processes.


Topics in this subject include:

  • Considerations to weigh up in deciding to initiate proceedings
  • Factors impacting on the drafting of interim applications
  • Determining when interlocutory proceedings are appropriate
  • Drafting enforceable final orders
  • Preparing and presenting a final hearing
  • Ethical issues
  • Child support
  • Conducting a first interview 



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