FLP1 Foundations of Family Law Practice

FLP1 Foundations of Family Law Practice


This subject family law as it is concerned with people, rather than property or financial matters. It  includes the law and practice concerning parenting after separation or divorce . It also examines the law and practice of divorce. The subject aims to provide you a strong foundation for practising in family law and covers most common issues encountered by family lawyers in practice. A more  advanced subject deals with topics which are less common in law practice.


Topics in this subject include:

  • parenting after separation
  • shared parental responsibility
  • the legislative pathway for decision making about children
  • factors considered when determining the best interests of a child
  • social science research on what may benefit or harm children in relation to parenting arrangements
  • child abuse and family violence as they relate to parenting disputes
  • relocation and recovery of  children
  • variation and enforcement of parenting orders
  • ethical issues in children’s matters
  • elements for proof in a divorce application 
  • limitation periods which may apply 


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