FDRP4 Case Management in Family Dispute Resolution (Capstone)

FDRP4 Case Management in Family Dispute Resolution (Capstone)


This subject is designed to be the clinical subject to underpin the theory of the Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution Practice or Family Dispute Resolution Practice major within Master of Laws (Applied Law). By the end of this subject, you will have an understanding of family dispute resolution case management principles. By completing this subject, you will have the opportunity to manage family dispute resolution cases within simulated workplace experiences. You will take the carriage of four matters of various complexities that you will manage from intake, through to assessment, education and referral, culminating in conducting the mediation.

Successful completion of this subject will provide 30 hours out of 50 hours of clinical placement under the FDRP practicum requirements.



At the end of this subject you will be able to:

  • understand and critically compare good operating practices in family dispute resolution matters
  • use advanced analytical and problem-solving skills with respect to client instructions and objectives, the law, practice guidelines, procedures and processes in special family dispute resolution contexts
  • integrate specialised writing, drafting, and communication skills to produce essential documents for family dispute resolution practice and procedure, and
  • demonstrate advanced analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills to plan, manage, and conduct mediation in family dispute resolution contexts.


  • Overview of family dispute resolution case management
  • Intake process: complex matters
  • Assessment for suitability
  • Information and referral in mediation
  • Preparation for mediation, and
  • Conducting mediation.


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More information

"I first became an FDRP to complement my family law practice. I found it so rewarding that I transitioned out of legal practice to grow my own mediation practice. Being the impartial third party facilitating discussion, rather than acting for one side or another, is a very satisfying job."

Danielle Jaku-Greenfield

Mediator, The Resolution Space and Lecturer, The College of Law