DRP4 is an intensive subject with pre-work followed by a compulsory four day intensive workshop.

An additional workshop and assessment may be undertaken in order to be eligible to apply to become a Nationally Accredited Mediator.




This subject discusses where mediation sits on the dispute resolution spectrum and how the process assists in the resolution of disputes. The mediation process and the skills used by mediators within the mediation process, are also discussed.

The course has been designed to enable you to become a nationally accredited mediator, if you wish. This course structure satisfies the requirements under the NAMS.

At the end of this subject you will be able to:

  • identify the advantages and disadvantages of various dispute resolution options and methods
  • assist participants to understand and engage with the mediation process
  • demonstrate effective communication skills
  • apply dispute diagnostic skills
  • appraise and evaluate the suitability of the dispute and parties for mediation
  • identify and disclose actual and potential conflicts of interest
  • apply ethical and practice standards to the dispute resolution process
  • identify the skills and processes needed to assist participants to reach successful outcomes in mediation
  • conduct a mediation in a procedurally appropriate manner, and
  • determine when it would be suitable to terminate a mediation where you no longer deem it appropriate.



  • The dispute resolution spectrum
  • Conflict analysis and pre-mediation preparation
  • Mediation models and processes
  • Communication skills in mediation
  • Facilitative mediation
  • Mediating a matter

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