All lawyers and mediators negotiate – this applies equally to litigation lawyers, to mediators and to commercial lawyers. This subject is relevant to lawyers and mediators of all disciplines. Improve your understanding of negotiation by exploring:

  • the concept of negotiation,
  • the theory behind negotiation,
  • the essential steps when preparing for a negotiation,
  • the skills essential to all negotiations, and
  • the challenges that often arise when negotiating. 

Course offered in intake 4 2018, commencing 19 November 2018.


Topics in this subject include:

  • Explaining negotiation
  • Exploring the models of negotiation
  • Preparing effectively for a negotiation
  • Implementing the negotiation plan
  • Applying the critical communication skills to an oral  negotiation
  • Applying the critical communication skills to a written negotiation
  • Managing challenging issues in negotiations
  • Negotiating ethically


At the end of this subject you will be able to:

  • determine which negotiation model is most appropriate to a particular set of circumstances,
  • establish rapport between all parties to the negotiation,
  • draft a negotiation plan and apply it to a negotiation,
  • identify the key elements required for effective oral communication during the negotiation process,
  • apply effective oral communication skills to a practical scenario,
  • draft a negotiation agreement,
  • utilise techniques to prevent the escalation of a conflict in a negotiation, and
  • develop strategies when dealing with difficult people.


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