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22 August 2022

Careers Academy On-Demand

Published on 22 August 2022
If you missed the Careers Academy, or you simply would like to see the sessions again, you can watch the Careers Academy free–on and on demand.
Hear advice from experts across the legal industry on how to discover and land your dream role.

Webinars On-Demand


Remote, Rural and Regional Lawyering  

Are you are considering a work experience placement or a new job located outside of the big city lights? Or are you worried that living in regional Australia will mean sacrificing your career ambitions? During this webinar, you will hear about the life of a legal practitioner in regional Australia.
  • Paul Cott | Principal Lawyer, Law on Lydiard
  • Marko Novakov | Development and Community Engagement Manager, The College of Law
  • Kate Osborne | Lecturer, College of Law
  • Tracy Reeves | Adjunct Lecturer, The College of Law

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The SQE: A New Route to Qualifying as a Solicitor in England & Wales

The introduction of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) has changed the way international lawyers can qualify in the UK. The College of Legal Practice team will take you through the new qualification regime in the UK – and how to best prepare to pass the exams.
  • Alice Payne, Head of Business Development and Marketing, The College of Legal Practice

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Careers in the Court

Although you may aspire to become a judge or magistrate one day, there are many other rewarding roles within the court system – such as a judge’s associate. Hear from current and former judges associates on their experience, the application process and, any tips they have.
  • Ivan Ingram | Native Title, Judicial Registrar
  • Jade-Ann Reeves | Associate, Justice of the Supreme Court and President of the Industrial Court of Queensland
  • Jacqui Owen | Relationship Manager, Queensland, The College of Law

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Taking Control of Your Career Narrative to Land a Role

People remember stories. When you can articulate your career narrative authentically you are more likely to reach your career goals, like securing a new job, promotion or pay rise. Join a panel of recruitment professionals to discover how storytelling can help your career.
  • Ruth Beran | National Career Advisor, The College of Law
  • Barb Doquile | Manager Assessment, Working with Children Check Victoria
  • Natalie Mascarenhas | Senior Consultant - Graduate Resourcing, Baker McKenzie
  • Zara Gardiner | Talent Acquisition Business Partner, Shine Lawyers

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A Career in Defence Law

Find out what exactly a career in Defence Law involves. We’ll look at the roles available, the must-have skills and how to break into the field. 
  • Kerry-Anne Palzewski | Commercial and Subcontract Manager, Babcock Australia & New Zealand
  • Cain Kemp | Senior Commercial and Subcontracts Manager Aviation | Australia, Babcock International Group

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Opening Doors as an International Law Students in Australia

Job searching is hard for all law students and graduates, but international students face additional challenges. This webinar will explore search strategies for international students.
  • Susan Pincus | National Careers Professional, The College of Law
  • Maggie Wang | Solicitor, Accuro Maxwell
  • Elva Zhang | Corporate Counsel, ANL

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Risky Business: Tips to Avoid Professional Negligence Claims

Did you know that, on average, a lawyer will have  2 negligence claims against them during the course of their career? During this session, we will explain how claims commonly arise and give you some practical tips on how to avoid them.
  • Jennifer Sturgess | Lecturer, The College of Law

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Practical Legal Training Explained

Hear an overview of The College of Law's PLT program. At the end of the session, you will know more about when you can start, study modes, coursework and work experience.
  • Jacqui Owen | Relationship Manager, Queensland, The College of Law

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Work Experience Explained

Work experience often raises a number of questions for students: “When should I pursue it? What will I need to do? How long will it take, and what if I can’t meet the time requirements?” Join us as we provide the answers.
  • Glenn Swain | Manager Student Services, The College of Law

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