06 April 2020

Practical Legal Training Information | James Cook University | Webinar

Published on 06 April 2020

Law school is all about the theory of law – but there’s more to learn before you can be admitted. You'll need practical skills to bridge the gap between your academic knowledge and working as a lawyer. That’s where Practical Legal Training comes in. 

Join on Monday 06 April for a LIVE webinar for James Cook University law students so you can learn more about the PLT program and how it prepares you for a career in law.

You will learn:  

  • When you can start
  • Study modes
  • What you will study
  • Work experience
  • Tips for a smooth enrolment process
Don’t miss this opportunity to have all your questions answered about completing your law degree and undertaking Practical Legal Training.


Monday 06 April 2020

LIVE webinar via Zoom

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