03 September 2018

Admission to Practice Academy

Published on 03 September 2018
Take the next step in your career, without even stepping outside
While you're studying your law degree, you might not have given much thought about what happens after you're finished. 
Pull up a chair, because we’re hosting our first Admission to Practice Academy, a series of online information sessions all about what happens after law school, but before you can become a lawyer. 
Attend as many sessions as you’d like from the comfort of your couch, desk or favourite coffee shop, and get ready to learn from our experts. From work experience and practical legal training to finding a job and career options, our speakers will cover it all.
What is Admission to Practice Academy?
It is a series of online information sessions for law students and graduates. The free, five-day event features seven sessions covering topics such as:
  • Admission to practice
  • Work experience
  • Practical Legal Training
  • New lawyer stories 
How does it work? 

If you have computer and an email address — and you know how to browse the internet — you already have all you need to view our sessions! 

Once you register, on Friday 31 August we'll send you an email with all the information and invitation links you need to access all the sessions.  


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We will be adding to the information sessions below so stay tuned and keep an eye on this page.



Monday 3 September


Practical Legal Training
This session will give you an overview of the Practical Legal Training program. At the end of the session you will know more about when you can start, study modes, coursework and work experience.

Tuesday 4 September

Student Services Q&A
During this two hour session, we will answer your questions on the Practical Legal Training course, work experience, enrolment and admission. 

Wednesday 5 September


Practical Legal Training Work Experience Rules
Find out all you need to know about:
- Your work experience options
- Common scenarios faced by students
- Retrospective approval for prior work experience 

Wednesday 5 September

Finding Work Experience
Learn tips on how to find work experience in the legal industry. A Careers Advisor will discuss opportunities available, the hidden job market and finding a mentor.

Thursday 6 September

Graduate Stories
A panel of graduates from our Practical Legal Training program will share with you their experience about creating a career in law.
- Elizabeth Colbran, Senior Consultant PwC Australia (Tax & Legal)
- Philip Mew, Co-Founder & Director, Mew Migration
- Nicky Mitchell, Solicitor, Indigenous Family Violence Legal Service
- Borcsa Vass, Barrister, Level Twenty Seven Chambers

Friday 7 September


How to Become a Lawyer
How do you become a lawyer in Australia? What qualifications do you need? This session will provide straightforward answers to those questions. 

Graduate Stories

Graduate Stories


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