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At the College of Law, you will learn by doing, not just reading. 

You will learn key areas of competence through everyday scenarios that parallel real-life practice.

With no academic essay writing, you will solve everyday legal problems and complete hands-on tasks, such as:

  • Negotiating contracts and resolving real-life disputes
  • Drafting Contracts for Sale of real property and businesses
  • Drafting Statements of Claims and Affidavits
  • Identifying and solving common problems for clients
  • Operating trust accounts, billing and file management


PLT at The College of Law is available in two attendance modes. You can choose to study entirely online. Or you can opt for a blended experience incorporating both online and face-to-face learning. 

And depending on your lifestyle, you also get to choose between full-time and part-time study.

Choose your preferred mode of study

Full-time Part-time
 15 weeks duration 30 weeks duration 
30 - 35 hours study load 15 - 20 hours study load
Choose if you want to get admitted ASAP and have more time to dedicate to the program Choose if You want to balance your learning with other commitments
Choose your preferred mode of attendance
Online Blended - 5 days onsite Blended - 3 days onsite* Evening  On-campus**
All states   NSW, NT, WA  NSW NSW, WA,QLD  NSW

No onsite attendance

5 days onsite

3 days onsite

No onsite attendance

No onsite attendance  
Participate in 5 days of live online workshops at the beginning of the program Participate in 5 days of onsite workshops at the beginning of the program Participate in 5 days of workshop at the beginning of the program consisting of 3 days of onsite workshops and 2 days of live online workshops Participate in up to 12 evenings of live online workshops held after 5pm Participate in 5 days of live online workshops at the beginning of the program followed by 3 days of online attendance a week, 9am-3pm
Full-time and part-time  Full-time and part-time  Full-time and part-time  Part-time  Full-time 

* Available for a limited time only. Program may be subject to change. 

**CRICOS approved course code 069734C



As part of the Coursework component, you will complete:

  • 5 compulsory subjects
  • 2 elective subjects

These may look similar to subjects you have undertaken in your law degree, but their content is quite different as they focus on the practice of law as opposed to substantive law.

Compulsory subjects

  1. Civil Litigation Practice
  2. Commercial and Corporate Practice
  3. Property Law Practice
  4. Lawyer’s Skills
  5. Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Electives (choose two)

  1. Administrative Law Practice
  2. Criminal Law Practice
  3. Family Law Practice
  4. Consumer Law Practice
  5. Employment and Industrial Law Practice
  6. Planning and Environmental Law Practice
  7. Wills and Estates Practice
  8. Banking and Finance Practice


You will begin your program with 5 days of online or onsite workshops. 

This week is a fun and engaging way to begin the program and develop the professional skills you’ll need as a lawyer. You’ll participate in workshops and group activities to kick-start your practical, self-paced online learning. 


At The College of Law, we know it's not just what you learn that's important, but also from whom you learn. That's why our lecturers are all successful, practicing lawyers. So you can expect the most relevant examples and up-to-date knowledge on contemporary issues facing legal practitioners. 

What better way to prepare yourself for the real world? 


Rather than exams, your assessments will give you the opportunity to practise think on your feet – just like a lawyer does. 

All Practical Legal Training subjects are assessed orally via video conference. We believe that oral assessments are the best way to determine your understanding of the content and your ability to analyse and solve a problem. 

Student Stories

Student Stories

Ojo Osaigbovo, Solicitor, Kirkeby & Co

"My name is Ojo Osaigbovo, I work as a lawyer in Melbourne."

Ojo Osaigbovo

Student Stories

Callum Lee, Property and Estate Planning Lawyer

"My name is Callum Lee, I'm a graduate lawyer at Life Law Solutions in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast."

Callum Lee

Student Stories

Tanay Ropeyarn, Lawyer, QLD Indigenous Family Violence Legal Service

"My name is Tanay Ropeyarn. I am a proud Anggamuthian woman from Injinoo, which is up in the northern peninsula area, Far North Queensland."

Tanay Ropeyarn