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Choose from our postgraduate programs and continuing professional development offerings to enhance your career options and legal practice potential.

All College of Law postgraduate education and training is focussed on developing your professional skills, with particular emphasis on specialisation. This is because specialisation is becoming key to differentiating a practice in the wider industry as well as being able to better compete for new business.

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LLM (Applied Law)

If you’re a practising lawyer looking to further your career or develop a practice, we have a range of subjects and practice area majors available in our fully accredited, specialised master of laws. The LLM (Applied Law) is designed to enhance your on-the-job skills and give you the edge you need to take your career to the next level.

Choose from majors and subjects in Commercial Litigation, Commercial Transactions, Dispute Resolution, Estate Planning, Family Law, Government and Admin Law, In-house Practice, Legal Practice Management, Property Law and Wills & Estates.  Completion of eight subjects leads to a Masters degree but the subjects can also be taken individually and also qualify for CPD units.

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Master of Applied Law (Family Law)

If you want to move into a specialisation in family law or build your existing family law practice, this program will provide the skills and knowledge you need to advance to the next stage.

This program focuses on the practice of family law and has been written by practitioners, for practitioners. It is undertaken primarily online and is designed for busy working professionals. .

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Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution Practice (FDRP)

Interested in becoming a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP)?

The Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution Practice is designed to meet the educational requirements leading to accreditation by satisfying the six core competencies prescribed by the Attorney General.

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Continuing Professional Development

It is mandatory for lawyers in most Australian jurisdictions to undertake at least 10 units of continuing professional development (CPD) annually.

CPD seminars at The College of Law provide flexible delivery options, including face-to-face learning, online or from a suite of on-demand seminars. These vary from state to state.

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Specialist Lawyers

The College of Law offers the following annual advanced programs for specialist lawyers. These are eligible for CPD units:

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Legal Practice Management Courses

Managing a legal practice can be challenging without the right training. Law schools give you the theory, but they can’t equip you with the current industry knowledge and business wherewithal to run a successful legal practice. That’s where the College of Law can assist with key areas such as:

  • Strategic and business planning
  • Marketing and business development
  • Practice finances.

In Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales, we provide approved courses for lawyers needing to undertake mandatory training when becoming a partner, sole practitioner or government lawyer on the record.

Study options are flexible in order to accommodate your workplace demands: choose individual days or complete the course in a single continuous session.

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Notarial Practice Courses


The College of Law is currently working with NSW Society of Notary Practice to deliver a Notary Practice Course. Please visit our CPD page to see upcoming courses.

Note: Before enrolling for this course you should make yourself aware of the provisions of S11 of the Public Notaries Act 1997, in respect of practitioners employed by a corporation.

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