More About Work Experience

When can I undertake Work Experience?

Subject to the relevant Work Experience Rules, work experience may be undertaken before,  during or after your coursework. The Work Experience Rules provide that the work experience:

  • Must occur in the delivery of legal services
  • Must be under the supervision of an appropriate supervisor
  • May be undertaken in one placement or may be made up of multiple placements
  • May include experience undertaken as an undergraduate (but such experience cannot be used to satisfy the whole of the 75 day placement).
The Work Experience Rules vary from state to state. Please ensure you read the rules for the state where you intend to undertake your practical legal training and seek admission. Please contact The College if you have any questions about discrepancies from state to state, such as accruing work experience during the full-time course, weekend work etc.


View the Work Experience Rules

How do I get my work experience approved?

The process for getting your work experience is straightforward. Simply follow these four steps:

1. Read the Work Experience Rules thoroughly for the state where you intend to seek admission.

2. Download and complete the Work Experience Approval Form, making sure to fill out all sections.

3. Submit your Work Experience Approval Form before, or as soon as possible after you start your placement, signed by your supervisor, to The College via email to or via mail to:

Student Services The College of Law 2 Chandos Street St Leonards, NSW, 2065

The College will advise you of the outcome of your application.

4. When you have completed your placement, submit the original Work Experience Declaration Form, signed by your approved supervisor, to The College.

Note there are forms specific to students undertaking the Work Experience Component in Western Australia. Access the Work Experience Forms If you are currently working in a legal placement, The College allows you to have it pre-approved prior to starting PLT. Complete and submit the Application as in steps 2 and 3 above, as well as the Declaration form as per Step 4 when you’ve completed the placement.

Can Work Experience be approved retrospectively?

Yes – and is quite commonly (for example if undertaken while an undergraduate) but is at The College’s discretion and as long as it meets the Rules. You will also need to follow steps 2 – 4 above. Students seeking admission in Victoria should be aware that overseas Work Experience must be approved in advance. See the information above about interstate variations.

Am I covered by insurance while doing work experience?

College students on work experience can be covered by The College of Law’s insurance. Click here for more information.

What is the role of the Work Experience Supervisor?

The role of the Work Experience Supervisor is very important in ensuring that the placement is of benefit to both employer and law graduate. Guidelines for the role are available as a download.

Regional and Rural Placements

Have you thought about doing your work experience in a country practice? The College of Law strongly supports the NACLC RRR PLT program. Read more about RRR Placements.

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