Continuing Professional Education

The Continuing Professional Education Component (CPE) of the Practical Legal Training Program introduces you to the concept of continuing legal professional development and is related to the Work Experience Component.

The CPE Component comprises:

  • 10 hours of continuing legal education seminars to be completed either during or within 12 months of completion of the Coursework Component. These can be undertaken with the College or any other CLE provider, and
  • for students undertaking 75 days of work experience, a journal to be completed either during or within 20 weeks of completion of your Work Experience Component.

The completion of the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) component requires submission of an original CPE Declaration.

For students undertaking 25 days of work experience and intending to enrol in the Clinical Experience Module, there is no requirement to keep and submit a journal because equivalent activities are included in the module.


The College gave me the confidence to apply for jobs as a junior lawyer.

Leah Schell

Practical Legal Training

Queensland Graduate